Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scattershot Thoughts for September 28th

  • That's why the Vikings signed Brett Favre.
  • I'm all for democracy, but Fox 17 is going to have to take voting rights away from the people if they're going to pick a dog like Packers-Rams over 49ers-Vikings. It seemed bad from the start, and got worse when the Vikings home opener ended with one of the most exciting plays in franchise history. Come on fans, live up to KDSM's trust!
  • When the Sunday Night Football game ends, can NBC please just wrap it up quickly?! Do we need more analysis after five hours of it?
  • I really like this Iowa Hawkeye football team. That was no fluke at Penn State. The Hawks gave up a touchdown on the first play, and then DOMINATED. Norm Parker's defense is the best in the Big Ten.
  • Make it 7 of the past 8 for Kirk Ferentz against Joe Paterno. Iowa looked so smart and well coached at Penn State, the broadcasters couldn't stop talking about it.
  • I think this was the biggest win of the Ferentz era. Unlike the others, there is no previous loss, so it's all still out there for Iowa. (Vote your choice on our Web poll.)
  • Hawk fans are going to go bonkers, and they should. This is the fun part.
  • Big Ten quarterbacks will see Adrian Clayborn in their nightmares.
  • Here's how credible the coaches top 25 poll is: Penn State is ranked four spots higher than Iowa.
  • Don't look now but Iowa State is 3-1. Check that, go ahead and look. Iowa State is slowly improving---something it didn't do last year---and a win against beatable K-State Saturday would leave ISU two wins from bowl eligibility.
  • Great job by Iowa State honoring Army Saturday night. Several goose-bump moments.
  • Why isn't there a Steak-N-Shake in Central Iowa?
  • I hope the Iowa Barnstormers move up without losing their fans. Affordability, fun, and football are the three main draws at Stormer games.
  • I think I was the only person in Iowa not at the Dave Matthews Band concert.
  • I was at Bruce. That was a great show. Best I've seen from Springsteen. And he turned 60 two days later.
  • Smart move by Harrison Barnes. Announce your college choice before the season, concentrate on Ames winning another state championship.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scattershot Thoughts for September 15th

  • I don't think Iowa State's as bad as the Cyclones looked Saturday, and Iowa's not quite that good. But make no mistake, Iowa ended all discussion about who's better. That was an old fashioned butt-whupping. I picked Iowa, but not by 32.
  • Worst part about Iowa State being thumped? Not getting to watch a frustrated Andy Fales press the Jack Trice Stadium "play" button for Sweet Caroline. (I've noticed Iowa State only plays the American classic when the Cyclones are winning, tied, or on a roll. It hasn't been played much the past few years.)
  • Austen Arnaud is a good guy who had a terrible game. If he doesn't greatly improve his accuracy and reads in the Spread, Iowa State won't win more than two games.
  • As Ricky Stanzi goes, so goes Iowa. He and Arnaud had a "who can suck less" competition going in the first quarter, but Stanzi won in a landslide. Against good BCS teams, he can't start as slowly as he did against UNI and Iowa State. If he does, Iowa will lose.
  • Kirk Ferentz won't be able to keep true Freshman Brandon Wegher out of the line-up for long. Electric.
  • Paul Rhoads does not want to talk about the road losing streak. Okay. But everyone else will talk about it until it ends.
  • This just in: The road losing streak will end Saturday at Kent State.
  • The best quarterback in Iowa this season is UNI's Pat Grace. He's our Tim Tebow.
  • I ate my first Smashburger this week. Mmm. Good. We still need a Steak-N-Shake around here, but Smashburger will do for now.
  • The first Jay Leno Show was better than I expected. Jay looked relaxed and the show hit the ground running. That's not easy. The temptation when you start a new program is to try and jam too much entertainment into one show, and come off like you're trying way too hard. Jay is not edgy, but he's familiar and comfortable. I think that will appeal to a lot of people looking to laugh and relax before bed. One thing's for sure, NBC can't do any worse from 9 to 10 than it's done the past five years. We know. Our newscasts have had to pick the ratings up off the floor, and climb way up the ladder.
  • Kanye West will never live down that idiotic interruption. People forgive most law-breaking before they do self-centered rudeness. Props to Beyonce for showing how to be a big star and still have class. I will give credit to Kanye for what appears to be a sincere apology to Taylor Swift and the rest of the offended world.
  • I'm surprised Kanye doesn't play tennis. What in the world was Serena Williams thinking?! Even mild-mannered Roger Federer acted like a complete bully this week. As USA Today asked, "What Happened to Civility?"
  • The Patriots should never go back to their old uniforms. The AFL throwbacks were sweeeeet. Bills, Chargers, even the Raiders--- they all looked better Monday night, or am I just being nostalgic?
  • Thanks to all who made RVTV fun---especially the people of Grinnell, Ft. Dodge, Carroll, Ames, Iowa State University, Wilson Auto, Bob & Jo's RV in Guthrie Center, our photojournalists, sales associates, and whoever sent several cases of NOS sugar free energy drink. It kept us going on little sleep.
  • The passing of Patrick Swayze saddens me. What other classically trained ballet dancer could pull off being a tough guy bouncer (or "cooler")? Road House is my all time favorite guilty pleasure movie. Of course, it's nonsense, but it's never boring. RIP Patrick. Long live Dalton.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Scattershots for September 2.

  • Jewel Hampton being out for the season is NOT devastating to Iowa. However, it does hurt.
  • Jewel, the folk singer, could rush for 3 yards a carry behind Iowa's offensive line.
  • Increasingly, college football teams must carefully consider their first game opponent because the opener has become a dumping ground for suspensions. OWIs, PAULAs, whatever. Got to sit those guys down for one game. The running total going into Suspension Saturday: UNI 5, Iowa 3, Drake 3. Subject to change.
  • UNI is a 1AA elite power. With all due respect, Iowa should still roll the Panthers by 20.
  • I think the Iowa State - North Dakota State game will be over before halftime. The Cyclones will show off their new offense by scoring at will.
  • Don't forget Grand View at Drake Saturday night. First time the Dogs have played a Des Moines opponent since 1918. Remarkably, the Cubs were already 10 years into their title drought.
  • This year's RVTV road trip to the Big Game starts in Grinnell Monday, goes to Ft. Dodge Tuesday, Carroll Wednesday, and lands in Ames at Jack Trice Stadium Thursday until Saturday night. We'll also do the "Murph and Andy" radio show on the road. Come see us, if you get the chance. And if you have a story idea,
  • Things I'm really looking forward to on RVTV: camaraderie, meeting viewers/listeners, staying in town squares, local restaurants and bars, watching stupid movies only guys love, laughing a lot, working outdoors, waking up a few feet from the big game.
  • Things I'm not looking forward to RVTV week: the smell, the lack of sleep, trying to wake Chris up, the possibility I'll accidentally drink from a spit cup, using kybos, gaining five pounds, drinking so much sugar free Red Bull I can't fall asleep, the feeling of claustrophobia while showering, missing my family.
  • Why in the world would the Vikings split Favre out wide so he could throw a (cheap) block?
  • Michigan, and likely every other college football team, spends way more than 20 hours a week on football. The key is all players know there's nothing voluntary about voluntary workouts.
  • What a start to Football Friday with the Ankeny-Waukee double overtime classic. Don't know how Valley-Dowling can top that. Can't wait to see them try.
  • Love how Dowling Catholic, which plays its home games at Valley Stadium, moves this game to Drake Stadium to try and take the Tigers out of their comfort zone. Smart.
  • Inglourious Basterds is a must see, if you can take the bursts of graphic violence. Original, suspenseful, and thrilling---with a dash of Tarantino weirdness.
  • One of my pet peeves: the kids knowingly put the lemonade jug back in the fridge with just a couple ounces left in it---not enough to have a glass---but enough for them to convince themselves they don't need to take a minute and make a new batch of Crystal Lite.
  • My son, Cade, tried out for a play at the Des Moines Playhouse last week. He was so nervous, but he dug deep and gave it his best shot. He didn't get the part, but he did learn he's capable of anything. That's an awesome lesson.