Monday, October 16, 2006

SoundOFF Party.

Now that was a party!

As you may have heard, or read, we celebrated 500 SoundOFF shows Saturday night at Legends. We had a lot of fun. Maybe too much fun.

I don't think I've ever even tailgated for 11 hours, but that's how long we kept it going. Started at 4, finished at 3. We were fortunate to have a designated driver and a real cool custom conversion van from Jim Jensen's Crescent Chevrolet. For reasons known only to him, salesman Brody volunteered to drive us around (Andy, Round Guy, my mom, Jenny and me) and never have a drink. He's our new favorite guy. Thank you, Brody. And a big shout out to Amanda. She did all the work.

SoundOFF receives thousands of E-mails a year, but many names become familiar. We also have regular callers. It was really fun to see the faces behind the words. For instance, Shane in Marshalltown is a writing pro. He's a big Hawkeye fan, and writes some of the cleverest stuff in Iowa, only he's not paid. Andy and I both pictured him far different than he is. Then again, he said the same about us, and he's watched us on TV for years (with me, people usually say I look younger, better, and shorter than they expected. This is not necessarily good news when you make your living on TV, but I take it as a compliment)

I think the Hawkeyes stunning loss at Indiana kept a few Hawk fans from the party, ISU fans expected the Cyclones to lose, but we were thrilled with the hundreds of people who did show during the 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. stretch. We did meet a viewer who looks just like Jeff Horner meets Jim Carrey in the Cable Guy, another twin for Woody Harrelson in Natural Born Killers, and it was good to finally meet Madonna. I was surprised she doesn't drink.

As the night progressed, Andy and I noticed more and more TV people showing up. We're like vampires apparently. You can see pictures of Erin, Courtney, Jeriann, Meisenheimer, Round Guy, Heather, and some of our friends from KCCI, on Erin's blog. What you won't see is a picture of Andy. He's notoriously camera shy. It was nice to have our co-workers and colleagues stop by. Also making the rounds: The Cotman, Shawn Terrell, Jon Cahill, Jannay Towne, Todd Bailey, B.Ross, Jon Miller and Bryce Miller---lot of Millers. Most of them were Lite, and empty.

Anyway, it was fun. Big thank you to Jenny for having the patience of Job. I did a lot of talking and very little of it was with her. Understanding goes a long way in a relationship.

I appreciate all your nice comments the past week. Not sure if I'll make it to 600, but someone will. I hope to be at that party too.




Keith, can I just say that I appreciate your show, but more importantly, I appreciate you. People like you who have found a home in our beloved state and city make living here all the more enjoyable.

I've never called in, but my wife and consider soundOFF appointment TV. We love soundOFF, we love Channel 13.

Keep doing what you do! It's always so refreshing to see people who absolutely love what they're doing. Providence, it seems, has looked kindly upon you!

Your friend,


Aaron said...

Keith congrats on your 500th show. I was hoping i could make it back for the party but work crazy. I read your page every week, and see whats buggin andy. Keep up the good work. Tell the boys hi.

Aaron Jr.

Autumn said...

There would be no soundoff without you.