Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yes, Andy's leaving.

"Is Andy really leaving?"... I've been asked that at least 100 times in 72 hours. I thought I'd use the blog to answer some of the most frequent questions, and if I missed yours, please leave feedback, and I'll get to that too. Okay, here goes...

Is Andy really leaving? Yes. I'm sad to report he is.

Where is Andy going? KMBC in Kansas City.

What will he do there? He'll be the weekend sports anchor. The top sports guy at KMBC is Kansas City icon Len Dawson, who is 71 years old.

Did Channel 13 try to keep Andy? Of course. Everyone from the top boss down made sure Andy felt wanted and appreciated, but ultimately Andy decided it was too close to home (St. Louis) and too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Was it a tough decision? That's really a question for Andy, but I think it's fair to say he knows he had a good thing going here, and it was hard to leave.

Who will take Andy's place on SoundOFF? We don't know yet. I've already received a dozen phone calls and e-mails from people who are interested in the position. The only thing I know for sure is that the show will continue to evolve and won't be the same without Andy, it will be something different. We're not going to hire a guy named Randy or a woman named Mandy and start "What's Bugging Randy or Mandy?". We'll continue to make SoundOFF interactive with our viewers, and the new co-host will bring his or her own strengths. It goes without saying Andy left quite an impression.

How much are you going to miss Andy? A lot, both on and off the air. However, I'm happy for him. He wants to leave his comfort zone and try something new, and he has my support.

What about Shawn Terrell? We're blessed to have Shawn. He's a good anchor, top notch reporter, and does a fine job filling in on SoundOFF. There's no doubt Shawn's role will continue to grow at Channel 13.

What's Andy really like? Thoughtful, intelligent, and funny... to name a few. He doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Are we making too much out of this? Absolutely, but we appreciate it. Viewer loyalty is nothing we take lightly, and if nothing else, SoundOFF, in particular, has loyal viewers.

Anything else to add? The ox is slow, but the earth is patient.

(Leave Andy a "comment" and I'll make sure he sees it. Leave me one, and I'll make sure I see it).


Phil said...

Congrats Andy. A big step and a tough decision, but he'll be great. Miss all you guys at WHO. Never miss the SoundOFF clips online.

Stout Family said...

Keith, We will all miss Andy so very much. THere is none like him. What's Bugging Andy last week was one of the BEST, a classic if you will! Also, if you need any help co-hosting Sound-off, I know my hubby (Tim from Des Moines, who has no idea I am leaving this comment) would love a shot- just for fun! :) Thanks for all of your hard work. oh...and it's okay that you don't run many of the NBA highlights....unlike my hubby...I think NBA hoops can be a little...BORING! :)

Heather R. said...

Congrats Andy! Good luck. Oh and Keith... I am sure your annoyed!! I can imagine the feedback your getting. Good luck on both ends.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can hire Brady Quinn!

Anonymous said...

So Andy likes sheepie.Send some rope down to Missouri he can use it. Naaaa

tx big ball said...

Good luck Andy, believe me when I say I have never seen anything quite like you.
Murph, I know this belongs somewhere else, but have you seen Spiderman 3? Dude, it's really good, a tad long, but I liked it. On a diferent note, I watched "Match Point" the other night (wife rented it) and I gotta tell you, I kept wondering when a car would blow up. Seriously, that thing moved as fast as my great uncle's bowels (yeah, he's the guy who didn't pass anything for a week). Anyway, I made it through to the end hoping to see some Johansen nude footage, but came away bitterly disappointed.

Anonymous said...

From a fellow Cardinals fan, you will truly be missed. It is always fun to here him trying to comunicate with ignorant Cub fans on a daily/weekly basis. That is when ever the Cubs started there winning streak before dying at all-star break.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Andy. You will be missed, I just hope we don't get another Cubs fan to take your place. No offense to you Keith, but it's nice to have someone to keep the Cubs fans in check. At least I know I will have something to look forward to next time I'm in KC.

Keith Murphy said...

Phil, it's great to hear from you, and nice of you to keep up with us.

Stouts, there is no doubt, What's Bugging Andy was appointment television for many of us. As for the NBA, it gets better as the playoffs march on. and on. and on.

Heather, very little annoyance. I know how much people will Andy. I will too.

Tx Big Ball, I also found Spidey 3 too long, and liked it less than you. Topher Grace as a villain? He's about as scary as a kitten taking a nap (or Marvin Keene)... Thank you for the other review. I'll be sure NOT to watch Match Point. I'll just wait for "Live Free or Die Hard"

And lastly, no offense taken. We Cubs fans are a desperate bunch. One game over .500 and we start believing again. This happens after 99 years.

Matt Burris said...

A for Andy he is Awesome!
You always had the ability to
make me laugh! Don't change.
My wife even liked watching you on "sound off" because of your personality, and shes not even into sports at all!
You guys made a great team.
Good luck in big KC!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Andy,

All of us whom watch and enjoy your time on air will miss you.

Thanks Andy for the time you gave us.


Anonymous said...

so mr. fales suffers fools poorly... no wonder he was always beside himself!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sweet times

WindBreak247 said...

I was behind on my blog reading, but did hear this on Monday afternoon when I caught the tail end of the (not) Jon Miller Show.

Andy seemed like a helluva guy, and you guys were two peas in a pod on air. I know you can't fake what he did on air, so I'd imagine he was just like that off air as well, which had to be great for everyone at the station. He'll definitely be missed by the viewers, but best of luck to him.

BTW, tell him that Me and my buddies were the ones yelling at him every time he walked by section 13 at Jack Trice. He never looked, but we knew he heard us. ;-)

Oh, and no hard feelings for blowing us off on the feature story on our poker table business a couple of years ago. ;-)

I'll look forward to seeing Andy in KC when we head down for Royals games.

Keith Murphy said...


Thank you for your kind comments, and the forgiveness. I don't remember exactly why that story never came together, but it's safe for me to blame Andy at this point. It definitely was his fault.


WindBreak247 said...

Oh it was totally Andy's fault.

Well...Andy, and a little thing you sportscasters seem to feel obligated to report on. I think its called...March Madness?

We're too ugly for TV anyway.