Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cyclone fans, the sky is not falling. It is a little less blue.

We should have known better, but the hype machine at Iowa State has been so relentless that it was easy to ignore logic and start believing Gene Chizik could work miracles. He can't. Even if he does have his own coin.

I think time will prove Chizik a good coach, and a good hire. I know as a defensive coordinator, Chizik hardly ever lost at Texas or Auburn, but those players didn't come with him to Ames. It still comes down to talent, and Iowa State needs more. We also must give these guys more time to learn a new system. As Chizik said, this season will be a roller coaster. However, a Big 12 team, even one in transition, should never lose at home to a MAC team. Ever.

Iowa State better sack up and get ready for Northern Iowa. If ISU wants to see disappointment turn to despondence 2 games into a guy's head coaching career, then lose to UNI.

Other thoughts from ISU's first game:

-I was wrong, the gold pants did not help the uniforms. The Cyclones still look like Happy Meals on legs.
-Brett Culbertson is a good guy, but what a shaky start to his Senior season. I hope he bounces back. He always does.
-Quarterback Bret Meyer never looked comfortable in the new offense. That's not good. Kent State is not Kansas State.
-J.J. Bass won't give the job back. He's real.
-The defense has potential. The offensive line looked better.
-The opening game crowd was the largest and most energetic I've ever seen at Iowa State. The fans did their part.
-I still maintain you must run a creative offense to win important Big 12 games at ISU. The Cyclones will never have the talent of Texas, Oklahoma or Nebraska. Iowa State needs to get creative. It was only game one, but it was vanilla vs. the Golden Flashes.
-Ben Bruns is a pleasure to listen to on the Cyclone radio broadcasts because he's not the usual cheerleader. He calls them like he sees them, an increasingly rare trait these days as more and more announcers fear they'll lose their jobs if they don't keep everything positive, and they're probably right. That's a shame. Listeners and viewers deserve better...

Before I check out, a standing ovation for Steve Loney. Drake goes to #7 Illinois State and the non-scholarship Bulldogs stun the Redbirds and all their free ride players. Wow. One of the biggest upsets in our state's history. Drake may want more than year out of Loney...


Anonymous said...

ISU audtioned a place kicker, invited him to walk on. After showing up at the walkon tryouts he never saw a football and returned to classes and a part time job. Rumor has it in the audition 55 yard field goals were hit consistantly. But then this was only the second time the kid had tried kicking a football.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if ISU had a kicker or not, their kicker missed 2 field goals, but they lost by 9. They would have lost anyways. ISU kickers have always choked, that's in their history. How many times have they had a chance to clinch the Big 12 North title and it has come down to a FG, but the kicker has missed? I can think of at least 2 at the top of my head right now.

The staduim must have been electric with them swinging those crying towels around. Keith, you should know better, if you want electric, just step into the town of Iowa City on a game day. You can feel the energy without being at Kinnick.

I understand ISU fans want a great season, but don't put the paper bags over your heads just yet. I have a feeling that ISU fans have high expectations for a team that can't perform to those expectations.

ISU's not going to be very good for the next couple of years, but the fans have to realize that it's rebuilding time. Don't melt your Chizik coins just yet.

At any rate, it's a tough loss and to be honest, I really am laughing right now, but don't worry ISU fans, you'll get at leat one or two good teams out of this century.

Go Hawkeyes!

Anonymous said...

Murph, have you ever taken a pole on how many Iowa State fans come on you site compared to Hawkeye fans? It is quite obvious that there are A LOT more ISU fans compared to Iowa fans. Everytime to ask a pole question about something to do with Iowa and one of the options is a negative one there is an overwhelming reponse to the negetive answer. If you ask an Iowa State question the pole always shows the results to be the most possitive answer gets the most votes. The last pole was something like how the game would end. The option that got the most votes was Iowa State would win big or something like that. Yeah that didn't happen did it! Now the lastest pole question is how many games will ISU get this year? As of 8:45 AM this morning 0-2 is in the lead. Come on Cyclowns where's your loyalty now? If you guys would have won last night your chests would be all puffed up saying you were going to win 6 or more now your just standing there peeing down your leg!

Heather R. said...

Its to bad the Cyclones had to loose last night. I have better faith in the Hawkeyes for tomorrows season opener against Northern Illinois. Go Hawks!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!

Keith Murphy said...

Thank you for leaving comments. Let me respond to a few:

-The best looking walk-on kicker I ever saw was Kathy Ireland.
-Patience Cyclone fans. Chizik isn't a miracle worker, even if ISU sold him like one.
-Iowa State has upgraded its game day atmosphere tremendously the past few years, but there's still no comparison to Kinnick. Any objective person realizes that.
-ISU fans do tend to try and "fix" our Web polls more than Iowa fans, but in the end, the numbers are so high, it tends to balance out.

And from a previous post:
-Heather, I don't think athletes are held to a "double standard", I just think they're in the spotlight and should expect publicity when they make foolish decisions or do bad things. Even then, it's not all athletes, just the ones in revenue sports. When's the last time you recall reading about a field hockey player's DUI.
-Melinda, I'm back, but I'm still drying out from Wrigley Field.

Anonymous said...

This just in..the Hy-Vee in Ames has just ran out of paper bags!

Anonymous said...

Big surprise, all the Squawks coming out of the woodwork before their team even plays a game this year. Lest they forget that their currently $2.8 million man went 1-10 in his first season.

But hey, when have the facts ever gotten in the way of a good "Cyclown" bashing fest?

Keith is right, patience is the name of the game this year. I just hope the majority of the 47,000 that were there last night will demonstrate the same patience I will with Chizik and company. I think the coaching staff is still feeling out the talent they have and their abilities on the field. The offensive playcalling suffered because of that. I think it will get better, and we'll see progress throughout the season.