Monday, December 10, 2007


I receive hundreds of e-mails a week from viewers, and I love it. (Well, most of the time.) SoundOFF invites opinions, and I'm never without, including many about our station, newscasts, and me personally.

Here are a few recent ones I'll share:

After watching the first half of the show tonight all that you seemed to talk about was the good side of Iowa. No mention of Iowa State winning the Cy-Hawk Championship or how they beat Iowa. It seems like WHO stands for World Hawkeye Organization
Chad, Ankeny

Actually we did mention Iowa State dominating the Cy-Hawk series this year, but I wanted to show this one just because WHO, World Hawkeye Organization, always makes me laugh.

Here's another one:

You guys at whotv need to quit acting like you remotely care about the Cyclone nation--it's always been obviously that whotv is Black and Gold. Stop embarrassing us ISU grads with your silly Cyclone daily report on the 6 o'clock news that every time predicts ISU loosing. What kind of support is that? You guys need to just stick with predicting the Squakeyes loosing season. Keith you also need to take better acting classes, and just stick with ranting and rumbling about your true blood of Black and Gold. You make me sick whotv.

What? A much better writer sent this one last week:

Speaking of great people, how about Kirk Ferentz....Highest paid coach in the conference, 6-7, 6-6, 17 arrests, former player dealing cocaine in Iowa City, son lives in free housing, sexual assault about to explode = Michigan offer. Amazing, what's next, Lickliter to the Lakers? I haven't seen a guy control the media like this since Tim Floyd was writing for the Register. I know you think this is sour grapes, but why would I want Ferentz to you think there is a chance that Iowa, which is a much better job, would ever hire a coach that would lose 6 of 9 to ISU? They may even hire a great coach, like McCarney. By the way, McCarney's last two seasons = 13 losses and fired. Ferentz last two seasons, 13 losses and Michigan candidate. You can't make this stuff up. Brad Z./Ames

Wow. Brad brings it, and scores a few points.

Shane from Marshalltown has many random thoughts including:

Ok, let's figure this out so far. UNI beats Iowa State, Iowa beats UNI, Drake beats Iowa State and Iowa State beats Iowa...if the train leaves Chicago at 5:00am and travels west at 55mph and another train leaves Denver at 3:00am and travels east at....ah crap, what the hell was I talking about???

Did you guys see the eclipse this past week??? Oh wait, that was Barry Bonds getting out of his car to go into the court house...I also love the standard issue lawyer statement, "We are eager to prove "insert name here"'s innocence!" Translation: We cannot wait to plea bargain down!

Hard to believe, but it's been about 16 years since Tom Harkin was portrayed as a goofball for suggesting that if everyone switched to energy efficient lightbulbs, we'd all be better off in the long run, while running for the Democratic presidential nomination...yeah, what a goofball...

At what point did "let millions of illegal immigrants in and millions of jobs out" become a good idea for our country??? Just wondering...

When NBC got "Football Night In America" I thought "COOL!!" But now we're in our 2nd season of SoundOFF starting at 11:15 and lasting 20 minutes and it's just not cool anymore...Thanks NBC!!!

I'd like to thank Iowa and Iowa State's football and basketball teams for rekindling everyone's love of college wrestling...

To everyone who complains about not having the NFL Network, if you've ever heard Bryant Gumbel do a game, you'd realize you're not missing much...

Ryan in Clive wrote this after Hawkeye basketball player Dan Bohall was arrested for public intox:

While I always take pleasure in Hawkeye arrests, you can't call the cops on a guy who's passed out in the bathroom. You write on him, TP him, etc. but you don't call the cops. That's just lame.

Never a dull day. Keep them coming:

I'll be back with some scatterthoughts in the next 48 hours.



Anonymous said...

Funny Stuff. You have some very creative viewers.

The the only part I didn't get was Shane's comment about Tom Hrkin. Is he saying that people no longer view Harkin as a goofball? Thats news to me! :>)

Al Gore and his attempts to make himself relevent again aside, I'll make a deal with Tom Harkin. As soon as he agrees to stop jetting between Virginia and the Bahamas (his REAL homes), I will agree to switch my remaining bulbs over to the more efficient ones.


Pete said...

Ahh....more intelligent insight from the right wing side of life. Plus a backhanded insult to Al Gore. Excuse me, Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore. How's that for relevance? I'm quite surprised there wasn't a reference somewhere that this is all Bill Clinton's fault.

Anonymous said...

Shane from Marshalltown just might be my hero. I would so go duck hunting with him and the guy that comes on tv after SoundOFF.

Anonymous said...

Brady Quinn used to post here all the time, I guess he's gone Andy Fales and is too big for us now.
I miss Brady.

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed Shane from marshalltown comment

Sara said...

48 hours, eh? Never, ever volunteer a timeline. :)

Keith Murphy said...

You got me, Sara. And you couldn't be more right.

My Thursday plan got turned upside down by the Mitchell Report. I apologize. "Never volunteer a timeline." Good advice.