Monday, March 03, 2008

I doubt Lisa Bluder was ever really on the "hot seat" in Iowa City, but to start the season with that bad buzz, and end it as "Big Ten Coach of the Year" is quite a turnaround. Congrats Lisa. Bluder coached the Hawks to a share of the Big Ten title, but next to no one noticed---or at least they didn't bother to show. The U of I needs to figure out why more fans don't follow the women's basketball program. Go spy on Iowa State for ideas.

Bill Fennelly's doing his best job of coaching at Iowa State, and that's saying something. Des Moines needs the hobbled Cyclones in the NCAA tourney and Bill is coaching his head off to make it happen. Iowa State and Iowa at Wells Fargo Arena sounds good. Maybe the Iowa fans on this side of the state would support the women.

I called Klayton Korver, "Kyle", on SoundOFF. That's about the 17th time that's happened in the past five years. Sorry Klayton. Once was more than enough. The First Family of Iowa basketball deserves better.

Is there a better story in college basketball than Adam Emmenecker? Former walk-on with no division one scholarship offers takes on four majors and two minors while leading one of the nation's losingest basketball programs to a 25-4 record. As I watched Drake honor Adam on Senior Day, I felt proud. I imagine his mom and dad couldn't contain themselves.
Good story from the Register's Andrew Logue on Leonard Houston and the reason his dad couldn't make it to Senior Day: prison. Houston overcame a lot.

Shawn Johnson will win the all-around gold in Beijing. I'm more sure of that than ever after she finished second at the American Cup. Shawn tried new, harder routines and she didn't get all depressed after stumbling. I'm sure she's disappointed, but she still had fun. Shawn will stick it when it matters most.

My youngest son, Colin, celebrated his 4th birthday at a Bucs game at 95KGGO Arena. He loves that place. One of the nicest guys in sports, Brad Chiafos, took us on a tour of the locker room between periods. Uh, thanks Brad... I guess. The smell defies description. Andy tried with "Bigfoot's butt crack", but that doesn't quite capture the full stink.

I honestly don't know how I lived without high def television. All of you are right, the difference is staggering, and watching basketball---or any sport---is best of all. I love it. Can't wait for baseball.


Jeff said...

Keith -
You couldn't be more right about HDTV.

I watched a few basketball games and NASCAR on HD over the weekend and it was amazing.

I don't think I could settle for watching another sports game without HDTV.

Anonymous said...

I watched an excellent documentary over the weekend. I would have been better if it weren't interrupted in the middle of it, but it was about 6-on-6 girl's basketball. Now, I know a lot of people aren't interested in girl's basketball, but this show drew me in from the beginning. There was a lot of Iowa history in it that I did not even know. It's amazing to think that a lot of the high schools featured in the documentary are now closed. Also, the way the fans were highlighted was amazing. There "used" to be a crowd at the state tournament. Not so much anymore. The documentary as a whole was a heartwarming story about the history of girl's basketball in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Love the b-day party picture.. and that your little guy wore a TIE to his birthday party! That's a good-lookin' family, Murph. :)

Aaron said...

Emmenecker is definately the best story in college basketball. POY in the Valley just adds more to it. Way to go Adam, and Keith you guys have truly covered Drake with pride and class this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just wait Murph when you get to see Wrigley in HD! It's awesome to see every blade of green grass and the ivy on the outfield walls! Darn, now I just need to get to a game there!

matt said...

man, now i want an HD tv just to see wrigley

Anonymous said...

does andy have an adult film-like 'stache in that picture?

Shawn said...

The fact that yoor son wore a tie to his birthday party proves one thing in my opinion, that he has a great father that has instilled a sense of pride in such a small child. Congratulations Keith. You must be extremely proud. I have a 5 year old son and for Christmas he wanted to pick out his own church outfit.....a sweater and tie. He looked so handsome and I was almost brought to tears.
On a different note, Thanks for keeping this the only "free" blog on the WHO website. It seems to me that some people (Paging Patrick Dix) get a little too serious about this blog thing. It is not real news or journalism, just a fun way to communicate and vent from time to time. Thanks for allowing all who want to participate the opportunity.
Watch out for the Hawks in football this year. Seriously, watch out!!!! They may rob or assault you or attempt to sell you some pills. What has happened over there??? Has Ferentz lost all control?? I hope for a miracle turn around this year and a return to glory but one more bad season and no bowl game could send Coach Ferentz out the door, which would be a shame. After the fourth straight Jan 1 bowl game I figured that he would always be able to leave on his own terms. Maybe that will not be the case now.

Matt said...

why did Lincoln boys not make it to state tournament? they had a great record

Anonymous said...

They got beat by Waukee.

Matt said...


Keith Murphy said...

Notes on feedback:

-I would have written another entry by now, but the HDTV is taking over my life. I can even see the make-up lines on Paula Abdul's face when she's making no sense on American Idol. It helps pass the time. I can't wait to see Wrigley Field in HD, though nothing beats seeing it from the bleachers.

-I haven't watched the 6-on-6 documentary yet, but I have heard it's good, and I know how much pride remains for extinct sport. Don't ever question it around a former player.

-One of the great things about having a four year old is that right now, he thinks I'm the coolest (I know, I know... it's not likely to last.) His favorite outfit, even more than Spiderman, is "Daddy", which to him is a blue shirt, tie, and a blue blazer. Apparently, I need to mix it up at work a little.

-Adam Emmenecker is almost too good to be true. What a great story. He's Rudy with more talent and better grades.

-I can't believe what's happened to Iowa football either. And you made me chuckle with that unexpected twist.

-B.Ross is still mourning Lincoln's loss, especially after the CIML failed to get a team out of the quarterfinals, but the teams that made it to State deserved to be there. They won when it counted most.

-Thanks for stopping. Talk to you soon.

Matt said...

keith, you should update sometime, des moines loves hearing from you. is there any indication that Andy, Chris Or Shawn will be blogging in the future? just wondering