Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scattershot Thoughts

-I can't get that Subway jingle about "5... 5 dollar foot long" out of my mind. I wish I could.

-Shawn Johnson's favorite TV show is, So you think you can dance?. Have you seen this? I've never watched that or Dancing with the Stars. My sister, Barbara, plans her nights around Stars. Other than that, she's quite normal.

-One of my favorite stories in recent years is former Negro Leagues star Ernie "Schoolboy" Johnson of Des Moines talking to Raccoon Valley Little Leaguers, who wear the Negro League uniforms in tribute, about what it was really like in those days. Hard to fathom it wasn't that long ago. The story by Shawn Terrell is still in our video player on the sports page, and I urge you to watch it, if you haven't already. It's living history. (Kudos to Raccoon Valley Little League for teaching more than just baseball.)

-O.J. Mayo allegedly took money? I'd be more shocked if he didn't. Most of these one and done guys make a mockery of the NCAA's insistence on referring to college basketball players as "student-athletes". Give me a break, and change the rule. It's hypocritical and foolish to force a year of college on "students" who don't want it.

-The hockey artists formerly known as Iowa Stars should have given fans more of a say in naming the team. This is the first real widespread passion I've seen for the AHL in Central Iowa. Start selling season tickets, give one nickname vote to each person who buys a seat.

-When Scrubs was on its A-game, it was brilliant, but that final episode was unwatchable. I know they were going for Moonlighting's famous Taming of the Shrew but it was more like drunk college fraternity room puts on a skit at 3 a.m. I hope ABC picks the show up just so it can finish in worthy fashion.

-Gotta love Daniel McLemore. He's the Barnstormer who dances his way through every game, not to mention SoundOff. The NFL would never let a guy enjoy himself like that.

-Speaking of the No Fun League, I think the Patriots got off easy. No one, and I mean no one, honestly believes Bill Belichick didn't realize he was cheating. I can't believe Belichick won't miss a single game for widespread, chronic CHEATING! $500,000 fine meant nothing. He got a huge new contract, and I'd guess that exact figure was added. I have no idea how much the Patriots benefited from spying, but it didn't hurt, and it definitely taints their legacy, especially Belichick's.

-Barbara Walters, I know you're selling a lot of books, but at what cost to your dignity and reputation?

-Todd Lickliter didn't do what we wanted, but it was smart to not comment on the Freeman mess. There is no immediate upside to this story, so why ignite it with more fuel? In a year, both sides may be happier. And forget Freeman going to Iowa State. That's a bad fit too.

-Congrats to Mary Pink at ISU. Mary heads up marketing for Cyclone athletics and her recent promotion is much deserved. Iowa State set several season ticket records on her watch. Plus, anyone who decides the music on game day, and has to put up with the complaints, deserves a bump. I'm okay with Sweet Caroline.

-All the panic over Arizona State dropping wrestling is warranted. It's a really bad sign for the future of NCAA wrestling. Before too long, it could be down to the Big Ten and half the Big 12.

-Like Bar-B-Que? Try Jethro's sports bar in the Drake neighborhood. Nice place, friendly people, and delicious food. Andy ordered seconds.




Anonymous said...

In reference to spygate, I'll defer to Sout Park. If you lose it's cheating, if you win it's being savvy.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to the Negro League Baseball Museum in KC? We took our 5th graders there on a field trip. We watch a fabulous video that the kiddos actually enjoy and then the museum is great too! If you ever have a chance, you should check it out.

matt said...

i have been to the negro league baseball museum in KC, its very cool

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance that ABC will pick up Scrubs? I had not heard this. I was shocked to be watching that Thursday night and saw it was the finale! WTF?? Not a good way to go out. I love Scrubs and hope if there is a chance for ABC to get it that it will.

Matt said...

Keith + speaking = wisdom

what are your thoughts on wesley johnson leaving?

Anonymous said...

ABC has announced Scrubs is on their fall lineup...

Katy Widrick said...

My company does video news stories on great people with awesome attitudes -- they don't get much better than some of the Negro League players who broke barriers in baseball!

You can see a video we did at MLB's recent symbolic draft of Negro League players, which includes Millito Navarro, Peanut Johnson, Charley Pride and Bill Blair as well as Ken Griffey and Dave Winfield.

I hope you enjoy it!