Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How many games will Iowa win? Are the I-State uneys ugly?

Three mismanagement examples of a public relations powder keg:

1) ISU's firing of Larry Eustachy.
2) University of Iowa's in-house sexual assault investigation
3) Packers not wanting Brett Favre

In all three cases, you can make the argument the people in charge were doing what they had to do (although in at least one of the examples, that's a weak position). The problem isn't always the decision, it's made worse by the chain of one bad decision after another once the crisis begins.
The Packers tried to pay Brett Favre $25 million to not play. Think about that. The Packers offered the most celebrated player in their history a king's ransom to just stay away. And they did it a year after he passed for more than 4,000 yards and led them to the NFC championship game.

I know Favre's yearly indecision dance is beyond tired, but how did it come to this? I mean they really can't stand Favre. The Packers want to start an unproven quarterback who looked bad Sunday night. They won't will they? Not unless Favre gets what I suspect he's wanted all along: his release so he can play for the Vikings. Favre played the Pack perfectly, and if he stays in Green Bay, this ends the only way it can: with Brett Favre as the Packers starting quarterback on opening day. Who knows though. They really don't want him.
The Hawkeyes football schedule is so soft, I don't see a way Iowa can win fewer than six games. I think seven wins is about right, and eight is not out of the question. If it's five or fewer, sound the alarms.
I expect Shonn Greene to start at running back, maybe not against Maine or whoever Florida International is, but by the Iowa State game, it'll be Greene.
Kirk Ferentz still seems irritated by the amount of coverage Iowa football has received for the alleged sexual assault by two Hawkeye football players. He shouldn't be. Several questionable decisions were made by the U of I in general, and the athletic department in particular. Plus, when you get right down to it, Ferentz is so highly regarded by the media as a man of principle and character that Iowa has gotten off relatively easy in terms of bad press when you consider the embarrassment and scope of 18 arrested players in 16 months, many for felonies. Let's hope we see an arrest drought. I think we will.
Iowa State's new USC uniforms just made a list as the tenth ugliest in college football (Oregon the no doubt #1). I disagree, but my judgment could be clouded by how awful ISU's uniforms have been in the past. The red-on-red blood clot look was awful.
I think some of the Cyclone hype, at least in my inbox, is carried away. If I-State goes to a bowl game, even with the two gimmes to start the season, Gene Chizik is as good as many people in the Cyclone athletic department think he is. Five wins is the prediction here, and four wouldn't shock me. Seven would.
I still think Austen Arnaud ends up the Cyclone quarterback when it counts. (See Shonn Green above).
The NL Central race is over. No team will catch the Cubs again this season.
Sports Illustrated believes we're about to watch the most anticipated Olympics in history. It's certainly true in central Iowa. I can't wait, though I could do without the late nights.
NBC is adding an additional half hour to the opening ceremonies. It now starts at 6:30 p.m. Friday. That means our Olympics special moves to 6 p.m. and our newscast to 5:30 p.m.
If you're thinking about HD, try to have it by Friday night.
Shawn Johnson just won a Teen Choice award as favorite female athlete. In two weeks, she'll be one of the most recognized faces in America. That is unbelievable. So much pressure, but I think she thrives on it.
Loved the Register's poster of Lolo Jones. She took that right after our interview. Lolo was working on about 1 hour of sleep. She said she was so excited, and so over-caffeinated that she couldn't sit still. The poster captures that. Lolo is amazing.
I saw the Dark Knight again. Didn't like it quite as much the second time, though I still think it's a great movie, and destined for an Academy Award best picture nomination. Three thoughts after a second viewing:

1) The movie is a little too long
2) Heath Ledger is as great as the hype. He's spellbinding.
3) The Dark Knight is really dark, and violent, and in no way appropriate for small kids

I keep watching America's Got Talent. Say a prayer for me. I find it entertaining, even as I'm being manipulated by editing and Josh Groban.
Entertainment Weekly just did an issue on The Hills. It's the first time I've had no idea who that was on the cover, or any interest in reading even one paragraph. The Hills? What is The Hills?
Andy and I will be at the State Fair Sunday afternoon. Stop by and say hello if you get the chance. I can't wait. Sitting next to Andy at the State Fair is like sitting next to Keith Jackson at the Rose Bowl.
To end on a personal note---it's a blog after all---I'd like to send a big "THANK YOU" to all the people who helped make my parents' 50th anniversary so special. Among them:

-The fine folks at Rathbun Lake, especially Jim and Cindy, the owners of Buck Creek Cabins.
-Tony the Bucs fan and boat driver.
-Heather the Sangria specialist.
-All the friendly people at the Centerville Wal*Mart.
-Jenny for preparing meals for 30 every few hours.
-The I-Cubs for the video announcement.
-Jeff for re-writing the words to Sweet Caroline into a party-pleasing classic
-All our friends and family for making time and finding a way. I know it's never easy. You're the best. No really, you are.
-Mom & Dad. If you didn't get married, I'm not here. Thus, no blog entry today.

Happy Anniversary!


shane - marshalltown said...

I was going to sing that "Happy Anniversary" song...you know, the one that rips off "The Lone Ranger" theme music!?!? But I have a reputation to maintain and that song would be a little too...high fillootin'...for me!

I said it after meeting you and I'll say it again now, it's easy to see why Keith is the genuine article! It all starts at the top...so Happy 50th Anniversary! I hope there are many more to come!

Melinda said...

There may be only one thing that might stop the Cubs from winning the NL Central...the tornado warnings and crazy lightening. I couldn't believe they were out there playing in that crazy weather last night! What were the umpires (or maybe the higher-ups) thinking???? I'll admit that I kind of laughed when they showed Lance Berkman running into the dugout. But then when I saw the replay of the lightening on tv, I understood why and I would've been right behind him!

Wood said...

The picture of the new Iowa State uniforms shown on Channel 13 in the story on the "10 ugliest list" was a mock up from last season, not the actual uniforms on Cyclones.com now.

Anonymous said...

Disagree with you on the public relations issue at ISU with LE. The people in charge showed courage. In any of the situations you listed you are not qualified tomake the statement because you have no knowledge of the legalities involved.