Monday, February 02, 2009

Post Super Bowl Scattershot Thoughts

  • Great Super Bowl. That makes two in a row. Let's hope this pattern continues. Remember when Super Bowls were an annual letdown? This is way better.
  • Kurt Warner couldn't have done much more. He made the one awful pass, but that was also a great disguise by the Steelers defense. I think Kurt probably should have thrown it in Larry Fitzgerald's general direction more in the first half, but overall I'm just proud to know Kurt. He wins NFL Man of the Year before the kickoff, and then goes out and plays a great game for a franchise I never expected to see in February. I was surprised how emotionally invested I was in wanting to see Kurt and the Cards win.
  • It always surprises me how many Steelers fans there are in Iowa, but maybe it shouldn't. They look like the Hawkeyes, and several generations came of age when the Steelers were winning a Super Bowl. Six titles. That's just greedy.
  • Overall I thought it was a subpar year for commercials. I loved the Bud Light Boardroom, the Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast, and the Doritos Vending Machine. Didn't see all the spots though.
  • Time marches on. One of our reporters tonight referred to "M-C Hammer" as "McHammer". You know why? Because she's too young to remember when MC Hammer was the biggest star in music. It's nearly 20 years ago now. McHammer is understandable. However, I know of a news anchor who once called Malcolm X, Malcolm the Tenth.
  • Is there a harder decision to make at work then when you walk up to the vending machine, and the snack you really want, like the trail mix, is behind a snack you don't want, like Bugles. So to get what you want, you have to pay twice because you know those Bugles aren't going anywhere. Earlier tonight I paid $1.75 for one bag of trail mix. It was worth it. Plus Chris ate the Bugles (after he wore them like fingernails).
  • 12 minutes isn't a lot of time to work a crowd into a frenzy, but Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band got it done. No one saw that set list coming though (except Shawn Terrell who overheard rehearsal at Raymond James Stadium Thursday night): "10th Avenue Freeze Out": only Bruce fans know this song, but it is great live. Unexpected, but it worked. "Born to Run": made Andy get up and walk out. He's sick of it, but it's one of the all time great stadium rockers. A no-brainer. "Working On a Dream": good song off the great new album, and a smart move by Bruce to only play about 90 seconds. Sell some CD's, move along. "Glory Days": perfect ending with great assists from Steve Van Zandt and the pyrotechnics.
  • We watched the game at Andy's house. He has a new home theater. The sound is awesome. I thought I was all set up with HD, but I'm now rethinking whether all our kids need to go to college.
  • My favorite story of the week was Dave Price's report from Tampa on Justin Hartwig's mother handing out Steeler #62 jerseys to friends and family as they arrived at the airport. I was going to say some positive things about Shawn's reporting, but he rubbed it in a little too much that he was there and we were here.
  • My friend Heather Burnside met Kevin Costner before his sold out show at Peoples Friday night. I'm happy to report Heather said Kevin was a good guy. My favorite Costner Movies: 1) Bull Durham 2) Field of Dreams 3) Dances with Wolves 4) Tin Cup 5) Silverado
  • Did Rush Limbaugh really say he hopes Obama fails? He is talking about our President, right? If he fails, we all suffer. How is that good for any American? I hope Rush was misquoted. I admit I didn't hear it with my own ears.
  • I don't really understand what a Panini sandwich is, but they're really tasty at the new "Good Sons" restaurant in Beaverdale.
  • I was reminded Friday night that Cooney's has the best Bloody Marys in Iowa. Saturday morning I was sorry for the reminder.
  • Cub Scout Pinewood Derby is a great idea. It's always fun to see whose dad can make the fastest car. Rest assured it was not Cade Murphy's dad.
  • I just read "People Are Idiots, And I Can Prove It." Good self-help read. Accurate and wise.
  • Now reading John Grisham's "The Associate". One of his best page-turners since "The Firm". If you like Grisham, you'll love it. If you don't, I couldn't talk you into reading more of his stuff anyway.
  • Saw "The Wrestler" at the great Fleur Theater Friday night. Mickey Rourke lives up to all the hype with a heartbreaking performance that never lets you see him acting. He's great. Marisa Tomei is nearly as good, and at 44 years old spends most of the movie naked. She's aged well. Great acting, good movie.
  • It's been an hour since SoundOff ended. So far, we've received about 25 emails on the Super Bowl, and 35 about Snuggies. They really are warm and cozy.
  • Day 76. Still a Facebook holdout.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I missed out on seeing/hearing the reporter reference him as McHammer instead of MC Hammer! You gotta get that on YouTube, Murph.


Anonymous said...

The Super Bowl was a great game, being a fan of neither team, it was fun to watch. Iowa men on both teams helped and made it more special. My wife even commented that she thought it was the first football game she has ever sat and watched coin toss to final second.

shane - marshalltown said...

I missed "McHammer" as well...I think he's McGruber's new partner, but I could be wrong.

Not only am I Steelers fan, I'm a Hawkeye fan because them. Thanks Hayden and the Rooney family!

I'm biased, but my favorite Super Bowl commercial was the remake of the Mean Joe Greene/Coke commercial...mainly because of the comedic twist it took, when I was expecting a cheezy, frame by frame ripoff of the original.

Mark True | Brand Warrior said...

Good comment about the pine wood derby, Murph. Some packs have given in and simply created a "dads" division. So sad.


Anonymous said...

Memories are short. After the '04 election, "not my president" was heard often, but it diden't receive nearly the same reaction or attention that Rush's comments have.

Kirk Diggler said...

What is the deal with the "followers"? Where are we going to follow you? Is there a live stream that shows when you leave to go to Dahls? Do the followers get in their cars and follow you there?
Or maybe it's some sort of "cult" thing. Maybe those weren't snuggies you were wearing on Soundoff, maybe they were sacrimonial robes that bolster your presence when you brainwash you're 2 followers. I don't get it, but if you're going to Dahls soon, could you have one of your "followers" pick me up some milk, I'm tired of eating my bowl of Lucky Charms with water.