Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Scattershots for September 2.

  • Jewel Hampton being out for the season is NOT devastating to Iowa. However, it does hurt.
  • Jewel, the folk singer, could rush for 3 yards a carry behind Iowa's offensive line.
  • Increasingly, college football teams must carefully consider their first game opponent because the opener has become a dumping ground for suspensions. OWIs, PAULAs, whatever. Got to sit those guys down for one game. The running total going into Suspension Saturday: UNI 5, Iowa 3, Drake 3. Subject to change.
  • UNI is a 1AA elite power. With all due respect, Iowa should still roll the Panthers by 20.
  • I think the Iowa State - North Dakota State game will be over before halftime. The Cyclones will show off their new offense by scoring at will.
  • Don't forget Grand View at Drake Saturday night. First time the Dogs have played a Des Moines opponent since 1918. Remarkably, the Cubs were already 10 years into their title drought.
  • This year's RVTV road trip to the Big Game starts in Grinnell Monday, goes to Ft. Dodge Tuesday, Carroll Wednesday, and lands in Ames at Jack Trice Stadium Thursday until Saturday night. We'll also do the "Murph and Andy" radio show on the road. Come see us, if you get the chance. And if you have a story idea, soundoff@whotv.com
  • Things I'm really looking forward to on RVTV: camaraderie, meeting viewers/listeners, staying in town squares, local restaurants and bars, watching stupid movies only guys love, laughing a lot, working outdoors, waking up a few feet from the big game.
  • Things I'm not looking forward to RVTV week: the smell, the lack of sleep, trying to wake Chris up, the possibility I'll accidentally drink from a spit cup, using kybos, gaining five pounds, drinking so much sugar free Red Bull I can't fall asleep, the feeling of claustrophobia while showering, missing my family.
  • Why in the world would the Vikings split Favre out wide so he could throw a (cheap) block?
  • Michigan, and likely every other college football team, spends way more than 20 hours a week on football. The key is all players know there's nothing voluntary about voluntary workouts.
  • What a start to Football Friday with the Ankeny-Waukee double overtime classic. Don't know how Valley-Dowling can top that. Can't wait to see them try.
  • Love how Dowling Catholic, which plays its home games at Valley Stadium, moves this game to Drake Stadium to try and take the Tigers out of their comfort zone. Smart.
  • Inglourious Basterds is a must see, if you can take the bursts of graphic violence. Original, suspenseful, and thrilling---with a dash of Tarantino weirdness.
  • One of my pet peeves: the kids knowingly put the lemonade jug back in the fridge with just a couple ounces left in it---not enough to have a glass---but enough for them to convince themselves they don't need to take a minute and make a new batch of Crystal Lite.
  • My son, Cade, tried out for a play at the Des Moines Playhouse last week. He was so nervous, but he dug deep and gave it his best shot. He didn't get the part, but he did learn he's capable of anything. That's an awesome lesson.


MattyJim said...

Keith -

I think there's a typo in your third bullet. It seems you left out ISU from the list of colleges with player suspensions... :-)

Here's hoping ISU comes out and plays a good first game Thursday!

Tim + Janice said...

"First game of season and already ISU fan screamed "Murph!" until I looked, only to yell, "You suck"."
hahahahaha....Keith, if it wasn't so far from the truth, I wouldn't laugh....and I hope you know it, too....enjoy the game, we couldn't be there....

Britt =) said...

I agree with your pet peeve, me and Gram were talking about that, it happens at my house all the time -- guess thats the joy of living with boys! I heard about Cade =( Proud of him for trying new things. Have a great time on your RV trip! =)

J said...

"Hey Murph! You suck!"

Hilarious! I guess one of the bad things about a 7:00 pm kickoff is that there's an extra 4-5 hours worth of tailgating beforehand.