Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things I'm Thankful for...

In no particular order, and off the top of my head, a few of the things I'm thankful for:

  • Tasty Tacos
  • My DVR
  • HD
  • Having my dad show me all the old haunts in the hometown where he grew up
  • Seeing that not much has changed in the Vermont town I grew up
  • The Patriots throwback uniforms
  • Sheriff Buford T. Justice
  • Guys movie night (for guys who like really silly movies)
  • "Band of Brothers"
  • Guinness at Cooney's Pub
  • Wrigley Field, Fenway Park
  • The new and improved Kauffman Stadium
  • Guys weekend in Milwaukee (or Denver)
  • Iowa starting 9-0
  • Paul Rhoads replacing The Chiz
  • Andy Fales' unique perspective
  • Goody's Powder when I have a really bad headache
  • My bosses at WHO TV encouraging and supporting a radio show
  • The bosses at KXnO asking me to host a radio show (with Andy)
  • The passion people in Iowa have for local sports
  • Taking kids to a movie that grownups can enjoy too (e.g. "Up")
  • Lolo Jones personality (and yes, the looks to match)
  • "Ask Gary Dolphin"
  • My parents health, and never ending support
  • Special Olympics Iowa
  • ipod, Blackberry, laptop. What did I do without these?
  • Coldplay & Bruce Springsteen live at The Well
  • Shawn Terrell's story on the Haluska brothers
  • Thanksgiving football, dinner, nap, movie
  • Twitter & Facebook. I think.
  • An unexpected email or call from an old friend
  • The steak sandwich at Noah's Ark
  • Nachos at Library
  • Sweet potato fries at Jethro's
  • J. Benjamins restaurant
  • Weekends at Clear Lake. Unless it's -20
  • Liking everybody on the anchor desk
  • Making sure you and all your friends have Gladiator nicknames (I'm "Old School", my wife is "Smash")
  • Vacation in Mexico
  • Trip to Florida ("trips" have kids)
  • Tailgating with friends at Jack Trice Stadium
  • The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown
  • The Dan Patrick Show
  • Reading the Des Moines Register and USA Today in the morning
  • PTI
  • The nice guy at Whylies who exchanged my glasses when I picked out welding goggles
  • for great Adidas kicks, shipped overnight for free
  • Raccoon Valley Little League
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Making a new friend, and knowing you'll remain friends for life
  • Lip balm
  • Pets who are potty trained
  • Diet Pepsi, diet Sunkist lemonade, and sugar free energy drinks
  • Grace Club for kids at Grace Methodist church
  • The Des Moines Playhouse
  • The Varsity Theater
  • Deck parties with friends
  • Tailgating at Iowa Speedway
  • Good friends I love and enjoy
  • BCS bowls
  • Matinee movies
  • Reading Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated
  • A trip to the book store with time to kill
  • Our pleasantly worn Beaverdale home
  • The Drake Relays
  • Freedom of speech
  • People who serve our country
  • The proud look on the face of a soldier when you surprise him or her with a simple, "thank you"
  • Laughter at work
  • The Iowa Cubs at Principal Park, especially on a summer night
  • Buc Beer Night at Buccaneer Arena
  • The look on my sister's face when she got to hang out with the Dancing with the Stars cast
  • People who enjoy their job, or start looking for another job
  • Watching kids watch fireworks
  • Sitting down for dinner with the family, no matter how busy we all are
  • Tabasco sauce on popcorn
  • Half Diet Pepsi/half 1% milk
  • Saturday Night Live, The Mentalist, 30 Rock, The Office, The Middle, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, 30 for 30, Real Sports, Community, Rescue Me, Sunday Night Football, Friday Night Lights, Glee (I know, I can't believe it either.), and 24
  • Val Kilmer in Tombstone
  • The album "Van Morrison at the Movies"
  • M&M's mixed with peanuts
  • Salsa that's hot, but not tongue damaging hot
  • Waiting until after Iowa's final drive at Michigan State to start the Gold Medal Gala
  • Having a forum to indulge stream of conciousness
  • My wife Jenny's art at Squiggles & Tandem Brick
  • When B-Ross hits the DUHHHHHHH sound effect
  • Bill Murray comedies
  • Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Roger Rosenblatt's book, "Rules for Aging"
  • Viewers & listeners who make me re-think by using constructive criticism
  • The Iowa Barnstormers III
  • Hoosiers, The Natural, all the Rockys but V.
  • The fact I got that boom boom pow
  • And above all else, my wife and kids. Without them, nothing above matters. Except the Tabasco sauce on popcorn. That's good no matter what.


Hawkeyemkn said...

Will agree with you on the last one (minus the Tabasco on Popcorn).

And every time Shawshank Redemption is on tv and I flip by it, I gotta watch it.

Tim + Janice said...

Ha! Great list, Murph....

Anonymous said...

You are a truly thankful guy. This is a great list!

Dave said...

Tasty Tacos? Oh Murph, i just lost a lot of respect for you.

Kates said...

i was also VERY thankful for the Gold Medal Gala starting after the last Iowa play at the Michigan St. game - it will probably stay up there in my "i remember when" pile.

and 2) you forgot to be thankful for pepsi points.

and 3) next year for the deck party i'm actually going to make it back from iowa city :)

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