Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All thoughts in one sentence.

-Iowa State and Iowa need to make the spring football "games" more fun for fans, or don't bother.

-Austen Arnaud will start at quarterback for Iowa State.

-Rotating quarterbacks is almost always a bad sign.

-Not sure Cyclone fans are ready for "I-State".

-Between injuries and departures, I have no idea what to expect from the Hawkeye football team.

-The Drake Relays is one of the best events you can attend, unless it's raining.

-The Duke of the Drake Relays is John Walters.

-Andy Fales still isn't over Keno leaving.

-How can you not love Lolo Jones?

-Add pole vaulting to the list of success stories at the Jordan Creek Town Center.

-No driver will cause a bigger stir at the Iowa Speedway this season than Danica Patrick.

-I'm surprised the Bucs hired a 66 year old head coach, but he's a former NHL All-Star with great scouting credentials.

-The Iowa Cubs will miss Jeff Lantz when he leaves for The Show.

-I hope David Cook wins American Idol.

-Leatherheads is better than it looks in the trailers.

-Nim's Island is great for kids, and okay for parents.

-16 Blocks is the most underrated thriller of the past year.

-"Hip to be Fit" is a good book/DVD for office workers with no time who are looking to stay in shape.

-Has anybody read Stephen King's Duma Key?

-Lenny Kravitz just put out one of his best with Love Revolution.

-Erin Kiernan just returned from vacation and she's tanner than John Bachman!

-I've been to 11 Little League games in the past week.

-I've eaten 11 hot dogs in the past week.

-Nice touch by Raccoon Valley Little League to have the AAA players wear Negro League uniforms.

-Shawn Terrell went to the Bon Jovi concert having never heard of Daughtry.

-Chris Hassel warns there's a junk shot in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

-I really could stand to write a paragraph about now, and I'm sure you'd like to read one.

-I'm excited to see my first Barnstormers game in seven years Saturday night.



Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't mention the Chicago Cubs...or do you not want to jinx them? Ha! I didn't know whether to hate Rameriz tonight or cheer for him. They won, so I guess that's all that counts.

Sorry about that Cardinals game Andy. (I know, it's early, but still, you gotta enjoy it.)

mcbrewski said...

-"16 Blocks" as most underrated thriller this year. Nope. Gotta go with "The Lookout."

-"King of Kong" is one of the best movies of the year. Thanks for the heads-up.

-I'd rather have Rick Moranis shrink Fran Drescher, and then Dennis Quaid fly her into my ear for all eternity, than to have to sit through a Bon Jovi/Daughtry concert.

shane - marshalltown said...

They don't really have that technology mastered yet mcbrewski, you'll have to pick another "fate worse than death".

mcbrewski said...

Sure they do, Shane In Marshalltown, and it's proven in the documentaries titled "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," and "Inner Space." Both very accurate scientific accounts of how this could easily happen.

Anonymous said...

What? No mention of Wartburg's DIII Wrestling Championship?

matt said...

short, sweet and to the point. i also liked that you mention Andy, Chris and Shawn. you should mention them more often

shane - marshalltown said...

Those documentaries were merely cold war propaganda mcbrewski...don't let "big brother" fool you!

Creepy matt, creepy...