Monday, April 14, 2008

-"Don't go, Keno"... Ed Wilson started that chant tonight after a source at Drake told us Keno Davis was in Providence Monday night. The Friars need a coach, and says it's Keno's job if he wants it. Going to the Big East for a lot more money sounds like a slam dunk, but I think Keno feels a lot of loyalty toward Drake. This one could happen fast, one way or the other.

-The Masters lacked drama, star power, and a compelling story line (for those of us not in the Immelman family). Zzzzzzz.

-Tiger is so good, he seemed to miss every short putt, and he still finished second. I can't imagine him putting worse.

-Jim Nantz is a great broadcaster, but enough with the "sacred sod" and "hallowed ground" of Augusta. It's a beautiful course---especially in HD---but it's still just an exclusive country club, and one with a shameful past (no black golfer played the Masters until 1975; all caddies were black until 1982; no black member until 1990.)

-Tip of the cap to Zach Johnson for representing Iowa with such class all year. Zach's not a walking Mardi Gras, but he is a role model.

-I'm glad the Barnstormers are back. Again. It gives me a case of deja vu. How 'bout you.

-I'm glad the Barnstormers are back. Again. It gives me a case of deja vu. How 'bout you.

-Big crowd at the Stormers home debut. I think it's going to work. Local ownership makes a big difference. These guys know what fans want and expect. It's good entertainment at a reasonable price (as long as you stay away from the Wells Fargo Arena concession stand.)

-I'm not sure Jason Berryman deserves the rousing ovation he received, but give the guy credit for doing his time, and not taking the easy way out. He also patiently answers every question about his mistakes. He played well Monday night.

-Is Brett Favre still retired?

-Paging Al Gore. What the heck is going on with this weather? It's just been miserable for so long. I was at Raccoon Valley Little League Sunday and the wind chill felt about... one (to quote Del Griffith). I've prided myself on not being the climate-controlled parent watching from the car. I watched from the car.

-Chris Hassel claims to have lost the feeling in his toes at the Iowa City West vs. Valley soccer game last weekend. If I don't see a black foot like Mr. Deeds, I'm not buying it.

-The Iowa Stars could become the Iowa Thunder next season. I like the name, Andy hates it. It wouldn't be my first choice but it's so much better than "Stars", I'll take it. This topic drew more hockey calls than we've ever had on SoundOFF, so that's a start.

-I love Shawn Johnson's confidence at the Olympic Summit in Chicago. She thinks the USA will field the greatest gymnastics team ever, and expects the red, white, and blue to win the gold. Nothing wrong with raising expectations instead of lowering them (coaches, please take note).

-Smart move from the University of Iowa. Parade the national championship wrestling team in front of fans before the spring football scrimmage. Hawkeye fans need a reminder of excellence about now.

-Gene Chizik shoots straight, but man, he said a whole lot of nothing at Monday's news conference. Not his fault, he just didn't have much to report. Team's improving, positions still up for grabs...etc.

-I'll miss John Adams when its run ends on HBO this Sunday night. The President, as played by Paul Giamatti, is a fascinating combination of runaway ego and crippling insecurity---like an 18th century Richard Nixon. As Adams' wife, Laura Linney should practice her Emmy speech now. She's stunning.

-Watched Bridge to Terabithia today with my son. Liked it, but somehow didn't know about the shocking twist. Wow. What a downer.

Lucky You is a watchable mess. Somewhere a good movie was left on the cutting room floor.

-B.Ross is trying to get me to the Young Jeezy concert Friday night at the 7-Flags Events Center. I have a rule. I don't go if I've never heard of the artist.

-Welcome back, R.E.M. The new album rocks.

-I'm re-reading Everybody's All-American, by Frank DeFord, for the first time in decades. I forgot how uncomfortable some of the racist language makes me. I have no doubt it's an accurate reflection of the times (the South in the 1950s, see Augusta National above), but it's still hard to read. I always liked the move too, with Dennis Quaid and Jessica Lange. It's not perfect, but it's entertaining (and sad). I'm surprised more stories haven't been done about athletes struggling to cope when the cheering stops.

-Think about it, Keno. You've got it great here. Then again, can it get better? I think it can. It won't ever be as unexpected, but Davis could coach Drake to more conference titles, and there's still that NCAA tournament game win.



Anonymous said...

Can it get better for Keno? Of COURSE it can, Murph! He could turn Drake into a perennial MVC power rather than just a one-hit wonder. They could return to the NCAA Tournament and win a few games. He could push aside Dana Altman and Chris Lowery and become the conference's most revered coach. He could continue to help Drake build the foundation for its basketball program, as it helped him build the foundation for his career. And then he could pick and choose his next job from a pool deeper and wider than the state of Rhode Island. Best of all, he could do it all BEFORE he reaches the ripe old age of 40! This is simply too early for Keno to leave Drake. No fan could, in good conscience, "understand" why he'd leave after just one season at the helm. Drake took a chance on him, the fans have fallen in like never before, he's got promising recruits on their way to Des Moines with the promise of playing for this up-and-coming program dancing in their heads, and Keno needs to do what's right and give Drake more of his time. This is more than just business. It's personal, too.

Anonymous said...

...."No fan could, in good conscience, "understand" why he'd leave after just one season at the helm"....

What's not to understand? It would take him 15 years coaching at Drake to make what he can make at Providence in 5. This offer is what D1 coaches dream about. Top notch conference, big money, big exposure on TV, better facilities, easier recruiting..... I don't understand why he would stay.

Rolsen77 said...

This decision is not about Drake, the fans, money, and new recruits. It's about Keno being the best coach he can possibly be. He's going to get beat up for a while in the Big East and deal with adversity that he may not have had to deal with at Drake. In the end, this is going to make him a much better coach with much better experience. Remember he is a very young man and only has 1 season as head coach experience.
I don't believe that he is in this to be a good coach. I think he wants to eventually be considered one of the top coaches in the nation for many year to come, and he's not going to do it by spinning his wheels at Drake.

parks said...

money, money, monnnnnneyyyyyy.

Anonymous said...

It's not all about money, but let's say it is.....So what?
A normal person would make the same decision 10 out of 10 times. Good grief, nobody cared about Drake basketball since the early 70's, now all of a sudden a coach is supposed to be loyal to the Drake "tradition".
You people are pathetic. How about a little gratitude and wish Davis good fortune.