Thursday, November 06, 2008

Top Model on SoundOff, Tank the Turtle, and "Official" Cheerleader.

  • Is it just me, or is the "Saved by Zero" song in every commercial break? I can't get it out of my head. Just typing it put the Fixx on a loop in my noggin. I'll try to switch to "One Thing Leads to Another".

  • Actual conversation in the car between my two youngest boys, Colin 4, and Cade 7.

Cade: "What girl sings 'I kissed a girl'"?

Colin: "It's not a girl singing, Cade. It's a BOY!"

Cade: "No it's not Colin. It's a girl."

Colin: "You're wrong, Cade. Why would a girl say she kissed a girl?"

Cade: "I dunno... Dad, why is that girl singing about kissing a girl?"

Dad: "Hey kids, look! An airplane!"

  • Grand View University---congrats on the promotion---volleyball player Jaeda Young will join us Sunday night on SoundOff. Jaeda is good up front for the Vikings, and often leads the team in kills, but let's be honest, she's joining us in large part because she was a finalist on "America's Next Top Model". Jaeda is from Parkersburg, so we have a wide range of topics to discuss: tornadoes, volleyball, football, modeling, and Tyra Banks.

  • Maybe Hawk fans can prove me wrong, but a Blackout in November seems like a bad idea. You have to hope for a unseasonably warm day, or that everyone owns a black coat. The Greenout for students, in honor of Shonn Greene, is a nice idea, but confusing on the same day as the Blackout.

  • The Iowa Chops are holding a fundraiser for The Des Moines Youth Hockey Association Saturday night at Skybox Lounge (formerly Coach's Corner) on 8th Street in West Des Moines. The Chops players and coaches will be there. Admission is $5.

  • I've raved about Jethro's BBQ so much, you'd think I had a stake in the place. I don't, and now I have to write about my first bad experience there. This past Saturday, we all went to watch the Cyclones and Hawkeyes. The HDTV's were fine, but the place was FREEZING. I did tell a manager we were all cold, and he said the temp was set real low because all the people would make it feel 85 degrees in no time. No time never arrived. I asked for the fan above us to be turned off, but it never was. On top of that, we had a nice young lady as a server, but she forgot my order once, brought us the wrong thing twice, and didn't notice my empty glass for more than 20 minutes. Our group finally bailed in the 3rd quarter, mostly because mild hypothermia had set it.

  • It's often too cold in businesses because the people who set the thermostat are running around while the customers are sitting. I worked at a movie theater for three years and we used to set that sucker around 55 degrees. Maybe this was payback.

  • When my dad has one bad experience, he's done with that restaurant. I mean he can go somewhere weekly for 10 years, and one bad night, that's it. Done. I'm not that way, and I've loved Jethro's every other time, so we'll be back. However, they've earned at least one week in the penalty box. So Heather, Jenny, Kahala, Andy and I need some suggestions where to watch Saturday's Cyclone/Hawkeye doubleheader. We'll bring parkas just in case.

  • I'm hearing Bill Snyder wants back in at Kansas State. It's a short term solution, but after what the man did there, he'd be welcomed by most.

  • Lucca Staiger has shown Iowa State loyalty beyond reason. I hope his faith pays off. The guy can flat out shoot.

  • Is there anybody you'd rather have coaching your college football team than Mike Leach? The guy is smart, fun, and knows how to do more with less. What a gutsy call to go for the win. It helps to have a quarterback and receiver that can back up those stones. You make that call at Iowa or Iowa State, Texas stops the play.

  • Kyle Orton out a month? Not with that beard. He's tough. He'll be back sooner.

  • How does Dick Jacobson have millions to donate every year? I'm proud when we can give $20 to our church.

  • Pete Carroll needs to stop whining about the BCS and start beating Oregon State. Besides, the BCS is going nowhere.

  • If you appreciate hockey at all, don't miss your chance to see Bobby Ryan play for the Chops. One day soon, you'll be glad you did.

  • Is there any doubt Drake's Josh Young is the biggest basketball star in the state of Iowa?

  • No matter who you voted for Tuesday, I hope you stayed up late enough to see one of those seminal moments that will live forever. Shortly after 10 p.m., when NBC called the presidential election for Barack Obama, and started cutting to cameras all over the world, the reactions showed the depth of history being made more than any commentator ever could. As a white male, hearing I could one day be whatever I wanted always made sense, so I can't imagine how that long awaited moment felt to millions. Politics aside, it was riveting and moving.

  • On my DVR series recordings right now: Law & Order, The Mentalist, The Office, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, HBO's Real Sports, Entourage, House, Life, Crusoe, SoundOff (record for my parents), Channel 13 News at 10 (ditto), Clone Wars (kids) and Desperate Housewives of Atlanta (wife, honest!). What am I missing?

  • Dropped from series recordings: Grey's Anatomy (too soapy), My Own Worst Enemy (too silly), and Life on Mars (too much time travel).

  • My wife just got one of our boys a turtle for his birthday. His name is Tank (the turtle, not the kid). Boys all love him, everybody's happy, then I read the papers from Petco. Tank's life expectancy is 50+ years! Kid goes to college, I'm stuck with Tank, but then I die of old age, and I have to give Tank back to the kid, who now has his own kids.

  • The most played video of the week on is the chain gang worker at the Dowling game who jumps up and down celebrating a Dowling touchdown. He even hugs players as they exit the field. Dowling's AD says the man in question won't work future games, and that's probably the right call---at least for a while---but I can't rough him up. He's a volunteer who loves his Maroons and he got caught up in the moment. It looks bad, and you can't allow it to happen, but let's find this guy a nice place in the stands. Sports needs that kind of passion, just, as Erin said, "not while wearing stripes".

  • I think Valley wins again Friday, but this series needs a Dowling win. It's starting to feel like Iowa-Iowa State in the nineties.

  • One more reminder: Where's a great place to watch football on TV with a group? We need Iowa State on one screen and Iowa on the other. HD is a must.



p.s. I still don't like candy corn.


Anonymous said...

Keith, I know you don't expect special treatment when you're out and about, and you probably don't even want special treatment.....but if I was the manager on duty at a sports bar when you and Andy and your families came in, I'd do everything I could to make your experience the best possible. Turning up the heat and turning off the ceiling fans are easy, not sure why they wouldn't have done that for you. Its kind of surprising that they would risk bad publicity over such simple solutions.

We have been to The Stadium in West Des Moines a few times. If you have a group, they'll let you watch whatever you want on the bigger HD screens, and they'll let you set the sound in the place also. Had pretty decent food as well. Might be a place to check out.


mcbrewski said...

Great place to watch the Hawkeyes or Cyclones- THE GAME on 86th St. Huge TVs in HD and the manager is awesome.

Timmy Tirrell said...

The whole blackout or(color of your choice)out has torpedoed past old. It was cool in the late 90's and early 00's when it was done on very special occasions. Texas A@M' red white and blue out after 9/11 sticks out, but now it's a regular occurance. You are exactly right about Iowa's attempt at this. It's pretty much going to fail, but the University and some opportunist fake sweatshirt makers will make a little coin. This won't be memorable at all, in fact, if it's remembered at all it will be for it's failure.
Save the special features for special times, like when the Hawks didn't adorn their helmet stickers against Ohio St. after the shootings in IC.

Anonymous said...

The shows you are missing are "Fringe" and "Eleventh Hour"

Anonymous said...


I was at Jethro's last Saturday too and vowed not to go back for a while...what's the point of having great food if it's stone cold in less than 5 minutes?? I made the mistake of wearing flip flops to Jethro's last Saturday and the feeling JUST NOW returned to my feet.

Alternatives- I've been to Legend's downtown and it's a great place to watch the game, even has TV's right on the table! And the Chicken Coop has great wings and big TV's too. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Other great shows to DVR:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
48 Hours Hard Evidence
Wicked Attraction
Top Chef

DVR is the best invention ever, hands down.

On a side note, just returned from the weekend in Denver, watching the Broncos lose to the Dolphins. The place overfilled with Miami fans. Bronco fans stepped it up, but not until the 4th quarter. Denver's definitely missing Champ Bailey, although his successor did well that game. How about Eddie Royal?!?! AWESOME rookie standout. Can you say first fantasy draft pick in '09? My die-hard Denver Bronco fan boyfriend proposed to me right outside of Mile High stadium that weekend. Very memorable, what a great place! Can't wait to head back.


P.S. Real Housewives of Atlanta is actually a decent reality show. Give it a chance! :)

shane - marshalltown said...

I don't know what everyone's talking about, I never made it past the picture of Jaeda Young...I better go back and read the rest...

WindBreak247 said...


What about Friday Night Lights?? Or A) do you not have DirecTV, or B) are just waiting for it to air on the network that employs you.

I happen to fall under category A, and I can't wait until it comes back!

I'm surprised you're not a Family Guy watcher...What about Heroes?...did you try Kath & Kim? You're also missing out not watching How I Met Your Mother, IMO.

The "Saved By Zero" commercial is doing a quite sufficient job of driving me insane little by little...

shane - marshalltown said...

The Lumber Yard has a couple of huge screens...I mean, so I've heard...

As far as Jethro's being cold, they were just setting the mood for their latest member of the "mason jar" chocolate...

As far as shows to record,"My Name Is Earl" is back to being funny...not sure what last season was about...and wait for it and lock and load the DVR for Discovery Channel the second they say ANYTHING that sounds like "Shark Week"...

My "Word Verification" this time is "cularms"...sounds painful...

shane - marshalltown said...

I almost forgot...I hope the kids named the turtle "Crab Man"...just for the irony...

shane - marshalltown said...

And .03 seconds after I posted that, I remembered the turtle's name is Tank...son of a...

Avon Barksdale said...

As far as shows go, "The Wire" is the sh*t. Even if you don't have HBO, you can see it on BET.

Anonymous said...

Try the show The 11th Hour on CBS on Thursday nights at 9:00. It is from the creator of CSI. If you like CSI, you will like this one.

travis said...

You may want to think about finding a hobby besides recording/watching TV. Geesh! If you'd like to take up book reading, I just read The Shack and it was one of the better books I've read.
(I can't TV bash too much. We just moved and I've been with out it for about a week. The cable guy comes in 4 days and I am looking forward to having TV again. I'm a big fan of Friday Night Lights and am looking forward to it being back on.)

I open the cupboard today and you are going to love what my wife brought me home from the store (probably b/c it was on sale)- candy corn.

I saw the movie Appaloosa tonight. Best movie I've seen in a while.

I'm with Miller- the Hawks win tomorrow.

shane - marshalltown said...

Just remember Travis, TV is like books that someone reads to you...and they take the time to show you the pictures!!

Viva la resistance!!

I'm still pissed that NBC dumped Friday Night Lights, but they have no problem at all with cramming Kath and Kim down my throat between good shows...

travis said...

FNL will still show on NBC. I think that HBO will air it and then NBC will start airing the same episodes a few weeks after they show on HBO.

Anonymous said...

Somebody like you Keith

Kirk Diggler said...

As far as the Black/Greene out went, freaking lame!
Just leave it alone Iowa, just leave it alone!

Brad Hook said...

I'm a huge "PRISON BREAK" fan. Ever try it?

mcbrewski said...

Top 10 Shows on Tv
1. Lost
2. True Blood
3. Entourage
4. Dexter (showtime version)
5. Life and Times of Tim
6. The Office
7. 30 Rock
8. Californication
9. Sarah Silverman Program
10. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Anonymous said...


We've seen this script before. You or Andy complain about the service, bad experience, or prices at some place. Wait for the bad publicity to get back to the business. Cash in on the freebies they send to pacify you and get you to promote them again.


Anonymous said...

Here's the transcript from the last Bob Ryan appearance on Monkeyass and Miller;

Marty-Welcome aboard Roberto, thanks for coming to the studio, know let me get in postion.
Miller-While Marty gets into his usual position, I'd like to thank you for coming today Bob. How was the trip in?
Bob Ryan-blah blah blah blah Boston blah blah blah blah Logan blah blah blah blah blah Manny Ramirez blah blah blah blah
Marty-Omm gorg slurp slurp slurp gag slurp slurp slurp slurp gorg slurp
Bob Ryan-Agreed Marty, blah blah blah blah Tom Brady blah blah blah blah Bellicheck blah blah blah blah Manny Ramirez
Miller-Haha you said it Bobby, So have you been to Pimlico lately
Bob Ryan-blah blah blah blah Bob Baffert blah blah blah blah blah Bobby Knight blah blah blah blah Tony Larussa blah Lou Piniella hahahaha
Marty-slurp slurp org, dit obekay Bobby?
Bob Ryan-Little slower Marty
Miller-Bobby, here in the heartland the Hawkeyes are making some noise and the Cyclones are still terrible. Any skuttlebut on the Eastern board about these teams?
Bob Ryan-blah blah blah blah no blah blah blah blah MannyRamirez blah blah blah blah Red Sox blah blah blah blah Yankees hahahaha
Marty-bhabhabha gag slurp slurp slurp bhabhabha
Miller-Well thanks for being here today Bob
Marty-Yegagba taknks slurp
Bob Ryan-The pleasure was all mine fellas
Marty-Sibxs-twoboo and ack glug gargle
Miller-I think he means six-two and overflowing

shane - marshalltown said...

I'm torn between laughing my butt off and feeling bad for your probable, impending ban...holy crap!