Friday, April 24, 2009

Brackins, Cael, Lolo, KXnO

  • I apologize for the delay. My boss wants us all to turn in our prom pictures to go along with the "13 Fascinating Facts" at, and I've used all my available time to think of ways to avoid embarrassing myself with the Burt Reynolds Bandit look.
  • Cyclone fans have remained resilient despite numerous kicks to the gut, the most recent by Cael Sanderson. The loyalty and faith were returned by Craig Brackins. There is no doubt in my mind he would have been a first round NBA draft pick, guaranteed to make more than two million dollars. He says he has unfinished business at Iowa State. It's a smart move. Big picture, I believe Brackins will have a longer career and make more money. He needs to bulk up, and improve even more. I'm sure he'll do both.
  • No one needed that good news more than Greg McDermott, not even Jamie Pollard. It's interesting that Brackins says Mike Taylor had a huge influence on Craig staying another year at Iowa State. Taylor says the NBA is a job, a grind, and enjoy college while you can. Taylor also spoke highly of McDermott's integrity and genuine interest in what's best for Brackins. This endorsement, from a guy who was kicked off the team by McDermott. Says a lot.
  • No one knows for sure why Cael Sanderson left Iowa State for Penn State, but I think three things mattered most: More money, Iowa Hawkeyes, less pressure.
  • Lolo Jones is a force of nature. It's fun to see her charisma lift the spirits of everyone around her. Kind of like Craig Brackins in Ames.
  • Andy and I really appreciate all the well-wishes, support, and enthusiasm many of you have shared for our new radio show on KXnO, "Murph & Andy". We just completed the first week, and we had a lot of fun. We knew it wouldn't be easy, especially this time of year, but thanks to Jon Miller, Corey Coon, Greg Chance, and others, we're learning on the job. Thanks for listening in when you can.


Anonymous said...

For Iowa State, the Brackin's thing is suprising and unexpected. Good for them. Coach Mac is a good guy and needed that. As far as Brackins goes, this is a huge gamble. Obviously ISU's opponets will be keying in on Craig and double teaming him out of the shoot. I believe the Clones will be improved (how can they not be), but I believe Brackins' numbers will be down.
He may very well stoke the ISU program by staying, but I fear he will be forfeiting guaranteed NBA money for it. A down year or a serious injury would be awful for him.
I guess he can always rely on his ISU degree, if he gets one, to make in 20 years what it would take him 1 year to make (minimum) as a first rounder. That's right 20-1, a smart financial person would have left, but I guess it's not always about the money is it?(cough cough)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Craig's decision was mostly about money, but I don't think it was a bad decision. Read the following link from a few years back. It is a well written look at the good and bad that come from declaring early. I don't think he is a guaranteed first rounder. He probably made the right financial choice. Time will tell.