Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bears or Broncos, Help Wanted for QB, Lolo is Energy.

  • Who wins the trade: Broncos or Bears? Bears fans have been without a Pro Bowl quarterback for so long, they reacted like Jay Cutler is Tom Brady. Cutler's been acting like an entitled brat, but the dude can play. He gives the Bears the early edge, but don't give up on the Broncs. Orton was good last year before playing hurt. He is also highly respected among his peers, something Cutler is not. Throw in two #1 draft picks, and if Orton fulfills his potential, long term nod to Denver.
  • I'll be surprised if the Barnstormers don't draw a record crowd Saturday night. People are ready for football, and more importantly, ready to party.
  • The Barnstormers make $200 a week, 250 if they win. Quarterback Joe Brannen needs a part-time job. If you're interested, send me an email. I'll get it to Joe. (af2 not quite the glamorous life of the NFL.)
  • I wish Lolo Jones would come by the station every day. The woman energizes the place like no one else. No wonder the Energy made her spokeswoman for a night. Energy, she has.
  • Iowa State's Heather Ezell advanced to the semifinals of the NCAA 3-point shooting contest with a broken shooting hand.
  • I'm getting smoked in KIIC Radio's "Stump the Chumps" bracket contest, and it gets worse. If North Carolina wins, Chris Hassel wins. The whole thing. More than 500 people entered, and Hassel would win.
  • Jake Kelly's exit is devastating to Iowa's basketball program, but I believe Jake when he says he just wanted to get back to his family. I can't imagine losing my mother in a plane crash at such a young age. I wish Jake well at Indiana State and hope Drake can get a hand in his face.
  • I miss the local shows on KXNO. Don't worry, the station is reloading. Meantime, 1700 The Champ launched its first daily local show, "Out of Bounds". It features SoundOFF Hall of Famer Round Guy and Andy Garman. It's noon to one p.m.
  • Heartfelt condolences to the Mahon family for the loss of Bev. Bev's love of movies, and reasonable prices, lives on at the Varsity Theater.

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tx big balls said...

Round guy should play QB for the Barnstomers, at least he already has a party time job.