Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Scattershot Thoughts from July 7th

  • I am 100% confident our Hawkeye Insider, Jon Miller, is correct: Jewel Hampton injured his knee. I don't think it's a strain. (update on 7/10: Gary Dolphin said on WHO Radio that Kirk Ferentz told him Hamilton did, in fact, injure a ligament in his knee during non-contact drills, doctors want another look, but at this time, they don't think surgery is necessary. Hamilton could be ready for the season opener against UNI.)
  • Can someone please just rip the band-aid off the Iowa Chops? It hurts to do it this slowly.
  • Steve McNair's violent death and tainted legacy will give straying married men longer pause than anything since the movie Fatal Attraction.
  • I can't believe how much Michael Jackson polarizes people. I'm in the fan camp, though he lost me the past 15 years. The weirdness overshadowed the talent.
  • I think Jackson's death, and the over-the-top news coverage, did remind many of us of Jackson's stunning catalogue of music, videos, and live performances. Underrated writer too.
  • It took dying, but Michael Jackson is finally back on top, more popular than ever.
  • My Heisman handicap going into next season: 1) Tebow 2) McCoy 3) Pryor 4) Bradford 5) Everyone else
  • Does Rasheed Wallace make the Celtics the team to beat in the East? Or did Shaq elevate the Cavs?
  • "Major League 4" is in the works. Anyone think this is a good idea?
  • Andy Roddick did more for his image while losing than any time he ever won. Roddick's match with Roger Federer was epic. Roddick answered all questions about his heart, head, and stones.
  • I still think Federer vs. Nadal at last year's Wimbledon was the greatest tennis match of all time.
  • The Williams sisters are underrated. Not just in the rankings, but as historical sports figures.
  • I hate being right about fans cheering cheating Manny Ramirez like some kind of returning hero, but few can resist the power of celebrity these days.
  • Good to see Tiger Woods showing a little personality by interviewing himself after winning his own tournament. Chris Rock shouldn't get nervous, but it was better than RoboTiger.
  • The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is disgusting and riveting. Once a year is enough.
  • Do you watch HBO's Real Sports? Lenny Dykstra is nuttier than a squirrel turd.
  • The World University Games experience for Craig Brackins and Lucca Staiger will be one more piece of the puzzle in Iowa State finally have a good season under Greg McDermott.
  • I know the movie "Bruno" will make me uncomfortable from start to finish, but I can't wait to see it. I just won't see it twice. I fell out of my seat laughing at Borat, but I've never been able to watch again. I suffer from secondhand embarrassment.


Tim + Janice said...

"The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is disgusting and riveting. Once a year is enough."
7/8/09 Oscar Mayer III died today at 95.
Coincidence? I don't think so.
But I do want to see that funeral procession with the weiner-mobile.....

Anonymous said...

Murph - I'm with you on Bruno. I like "Borat" the character more than "Borat" the movie. I'm just not a fan of humiliation-style comedy, even to those who have it coming.

"Kazakhstan greatest country in the world.
All other countries are run by little girls."

Shawn said...

I'm glad to hear that Hampton's knee is not as serious as first reported. (Update: July 12, its Hampton Keith, not Hamilton, as you referred to him twice.) He will be a huge part of Iowa's success this year. I still think they have a fighting chance to win the Big Ten.

Hawkeyemkn said...

The only way Major League 4 is any good is if they go back to what made Major League great. 2 &3 should have never been made.

Are they bringing back Willie Mays Hays and Cerrano 20 years later? How are Jake Taylors knees?