Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The e-mails on Andy's return just keep coming...


I just wanted to drop a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed Sound Off on Sunday when Andy returned... You guys (including B-Ross) just seemed to be having a blast laughing and such, like a bunch of guys hanging out watching a game without wives or girl friends to tell you to stop acting stupid... That’s what makes Sound Off so popular, you have fun doing it.
And I loved the intro showing when Andy left and then you waiting for him to return, what a scream!

Des Moines

Hi-I just wanted to let you all know that I'm so excited that Andy Fales is back!!!!! I totally enjoy your Sunday night show! I was "teary" when Andy left as he walked away from us all-but was totally "happy" when he returned coming back to us- AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicki Palm

Thanks for the entertaining and informative "Sound Off" each Sunday evening! We really enjoy Keith, Andy and B. Ross! Keep up the good work and welcome back, Andy!

Grundy Center

Ever since Seinfeld went off the air I have had an empty feeling in my life.
The one thing that could ease that pain was watching Sound Off. I found
that after seeing a few episodes of What's Bugging Andy I pretty much forgot
about Seinfeld. But then you left for Kansas City and once again I would
stare at the TV not knowing what the point was of having one was any more.
The only thing that started to bring me out of my funk was the anticipation
of American Gladiator. Needless to say when I found out you were back the
same weekend American Gladiator started I had to run around the house 3
times I was so excited.

Thanks for coming back!

Les Sadler
Pella, IA


I watched SoundOFF from Sunday and all I can say is... WOW! You and Andy are off-the-charts GREAT together!!! I'd forgotten how good Andy is- his time in KC apparently only made him sharper and appreciate you, and being on SoundOFF, even more. He was better than his last month on the show.

Heather in West Des Moines

Wow. That's a nice one to end on and very appreciated. We'll continue to work hard to live up to all these nice thoughts, and even try to win over a few people behind the not so nice thoughts.

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