Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thank you for all the feedback. I get it, I get it:

-Once-a-week is plenty for this blog.
-Pearl Jam went downhill after Vitalogy.
-I need an assistant just for Andy's fan mail.
-Chris wears some really ugly sweaters.

I press forward anyway.

We're not overhyping Drake. 16 straight wins is impressive anywhere, and of all the one loss or no loss teams to play Creighton at the Qwest Center, Drake is the first to win. First of 19. The RPI (power ranking) of 8 is more important than the AP ranking of 22.

Another reason I don't gamble: Iowa State at Kansas. My buddy who does, took the Cyclones and 23.5 points. Seemed like a good bet to me. With 10 seconds to play and ISU down 22, it looked good for the friend I'll call "Ryan" (is his real name). But then, ISU missed an easy shot, KU kicks it to the other end, and makes a jumper at the buzzer. Kansas by 24. See ya later, money.

Hang in there, Todd Lickliter. It will get better soon.

Reluctantly I went to see Juno with my nephew, Jason. Didn't think I'd like it much, and I really enjoyed it. It's so fresh and quirky that it took me a few minutes to settle into it, but once I was hooked, I really cared about the characters. Props to Iowa's Diablo (Brooke) Cody on her much deserved Oscar nomination for writing Juno. A- I was also pleased to see Tommy Lee Jones a surprise best actor nominee for The Valley of Elah. He was terrific, and nearly as good in No Country for Old Men.

Can't believe Gene Simmons basically fired himself on Celebrity Apprentice. He was fun to watch. (Hey, there's a writer's strike.)


Anonymous said...

I think Chris' sweaters are cool. What are you guys smoking?

Jt said...

Unfortunately I'm stuck living in Big 12 Country (Kansas), so I rarely see a Hawkeye game during basketball season.

I was watching the ISU/Kansas game tonight with some locals and I couldn't believe how much trash talking they were doing. They came off like ISU was supposed to be the better team.

It was almost like hearing the "Over-rated" chants during a football game.

Odd people :-/

Candice said...

I agree...

All the sweaters I've seen are nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Iowa wasn't going to beat this year's Indiana team at Assembly Hall and I'm sorry for the people who thought Iowa actually had a chance.

Anonymous said...

Okay Keith, what did you say to Erin at the end of your sports cast about John Bachman to make her bend over laughing? My kids were being too loud and all I saw was laughing and you calling to go to commercial.

Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam is the greatest band of all time! They continue to evolve and inspire me. How many bands can say they tour as much as Pearl Jam? Very few. I personally have seen them 24 times. Each show is very special to me.

travis said...

If your definition of evolve is to get worse, by all means, do the evolution, baby (pun intended).
Pearl Jam is able to keep touring not because they are making new fans because they keep making great music, but because they have so many hanging on to them from when they were good and hugely popular.
Since Vitalogy, Eddie Vedder sounds more and more like a goat with each passing album.
I was once a huge fan of theirs, but am able to call a turd a turd when I see and smell it.
Lastly, if I wanted to listen to Neil Young, why not just buy his album? You know what I am talking about.