Monday, January 07, 2008

Feedback on Andy's return to SoundOFF

My original intent was to put all the e-mails we received in the past 24 hours regarding Andy's return to SoundOFF. The volume soon made this impractical, but here is a fair sampling:

We’re so glad that Andy is back. We hadn’t watched Sound Off for a long time (about 7 months and 1 week), but laughed and laughed on Sunday night. Thanks for having such a fun show.
JJ in Clive

Just wanted to let you know that I love having Andy Fales back on WHO and Sound Off. I look forward to checking out your highlights every Monday via the internet. I am confused about Andy's role at WHO, his picture & bio are in the sports department, but they are also under the regular reporters too. What else can we expect from the Boy Wonder and is there a 3-day weather forecast coming from him soon?

Mike in Minneapolis

First and foremost, huge props to the webmaster (hate that term - it sounds like someone's playing Dungeons and Dragons) for getting the clips on the site so quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to watch first thing Monday morning. Second, and I'm stating the obvious, it's just a much better show. There's better chemistry, energy, personality, content, etc. Congratulations.
Ryan in Clive

The best present ever!-Andy is back. Yay! I thought I was dreaming when I tuned in Sun night and saw him. I don't even like sports but you two are like Lucy and Ethel, Laurel and Hardy, Clooney and Pitt. You are more entertaining than any sports event you cover. My husband even bought Andys CD-we are crazed fans of both of you!
I like how everyone has handled this-with humor and fun, and acceptance of the fact that Andy likes IOWA. What a treasure we have in him.
Go forward and laugh! We love it.

I am so happy that I stayed up for the entire show last night. It was great. You guys were awesome. I already got a call from a friend this a.m. telling me how excited he was to see the show last night. He loved it too.
Anne/Des Moines

I watched the show last night, and would like to get a transcript or copy of what Andy said about "finding happiness" during his "What's Bugging Andy". I thought it was very insightful! Can you please direct me on how to either download or send me a copy. Thank you, Kathy

I’m so glad to see Andy again! It was hard to watch “Sound Off” without him! I was disappointed though when I listened to his first “What’s Bugging Andy” since his return. Lame! He missed us – he was 3 hours away (get in a car and drive)! It wasn’t the same – duh; it was Kansas City! He missed Iowa? Hmmmm………I want to know the REAL reason he came back – I think it’s a girl! I want to know what’s really going on -

The Neighborhood Watch, Pam in Urbandale


I wanted to drop you a quick email and say that Sound Off was awesome last night – great job. The show will continue to be a “Must See TV” moment on Sunday nights. The Pick A Side segment was hilarious, right before you mentioned to Andy to stop looking at you I pointed out to my wife how Andy was continually looking over at you and was not focused on the camera. We were laughing before you even mentioned it, that was definitely one for the archives.

Brian in Des Moines

Wow. What's Bugging Andy is bigger than Chopper 13. Welcome back Andy. Free Willy

I missed the show last nite cuz i was hungover as crap, but my twin sister watched and said it was HILARIOUS!!!! i have it recorded so will watch it tonite. can't wait!!!! welcome back - long time Sound Off fan - since the days of Round Guy and Chris from Greenbay call'n in - whatever happened to that idiot? that was FUNNY stuff!!!!! welcome back ANDY!!!!!

Hey fellas~
I received a text from a buddy last night stating I HAD to watch Soundoff that night. So I clicked it on and was more than pleasantly surprised to see Andy back. I had tried to keep watching after Andy left, but each week my interest waned until I finally just stopped watching... But Andy has the ability to keep the show interesting even when things are anything but in the local sports world. His contribution to Soundoff is immeasurable.
Welcome back Andy!

In Chizik We Trust

Hey Andy,

I am not a sports fan by any means. Other than NASCAR Nextel Cup, I follow absolutely nothing in the sports realm. Before you left the show, I would watch SoundOFF simply to see your weekly ranting and raving on the "What's Bugging Andy?" segment. I haven't watched SoundOFF since you left because of the absence of the segment. Now that you are back, I will be watching the show on a regular basis again just for that gut busting laugh I get out of watching you get mad. Welcome back Andy!

Prairie City

Andy is back.....I can see the light. The show tonight is the best one I have seen in 7 months and a week. I could not agree more with Andy about the Pats. They deserve an * by their record this year. One final thing GO DOGS!!!
Des Moines

Andy! Great to have you back & in fabulous form! Love it!
You are a true treat to have back in the state – we missed you!
Kendra -West Des Moines

Just out of curiosity, did Andy's return to NewsCenter 13 have anything to do with the increase of the minimum wage here in Iowa? Grow up Andy . . . prove to the viewers you can be a man with some integrity, common sense, and a big heart. It is high time to get over the things that are bugging you.

My 88 year old mother, Dorothy John, of Lenox is a great fan of sound off and
was very sorry to see Andy leave. Andy, welcome back and if you could say hello
to my mother, it just might keep me from getting in trouble with her for this email.
Jeanne in Ames

Yeaaaaaaaaay! Andy's back! You just missed us sooooooo much and Iowa winters, too, right?! So, do we get to have a welcome back party, too?
And yes, we will miss Heather and look forward to seeing her in your place once in awhile! She proves that women can talk sports! Thank you, Heather!
An Andy fan in Urbandale

Thank you.
It is good to laugh again on Sunday nights.
Welcome Home Andy.
Rod & Chris

Bravo and welcome back Andy! That intro made me laugh, cry, caused for introspection and personal reflection. Welcome back!
TK West Des Moines

I just want to say that when Andy left and he said he is doing us a favor, he was right. We want to hear about sports not whats bugging the idiot.
down south

So I like most everybody else missed Andy over the last six months….but one question…can I get a refund on that “Best of” DVD that I bought thinking he would be gone for good.
Welcome Back Andy!
Dave in Bondurant

I just heard that Opie Fales is back! That's great, the show has been lacking a little something in his absents. All joking aside----WELCOME BACK OPIE.
West Des Moines

Happy WHO-TV sports is back with Andy again. Can't wait for the bugging stories.
A friend in Marshalltown

Andy, you are like Cher. First, you have a 37 week farewell tour to promote a "Best of" compilation. Then, after a 7 month "retirement", you're right back to it. And, like an obsessed fan, I cheer your return.
Doug in Urbandale

Dear Andy,Some things have changed since you were last here! Iowa didn't go to a bowl game, the Cubs have become the best team in the N.L. Central and Drake is the best basketball team in the state of Iowa...YOU FOOL! Your leaving screwed up the entire space/time!!
Welcome back Andy!Shane - Marshalltown

I'm so glad to see Andy back! I can't think of any better way to start off the new year.
Welcome back!!!!

Dawn Armbrest

As you see, mostly positive, but no one as opinionated and original as Andy will ever win everybody over. I'm with the overwhelming majority: really happy Andy's back.

Thank you for all the feedback, here and elsewhere.


Matt said...

i am also with the majority, its good to have andy back.

Anonymous said...

Keith, where was my comment? Not on the show and not on here...No worries.

American Gladiators and Andy Fales both return on the same night! I can't believe it! This is the best night of my life!!! Only thing better would be Andy Fales on American Gladiators!!!

Ryan Miller

A. said...

I'm a proud Hawkeye, but my spouse and I LOST IT during Andy's triumphant return.

Andy, you had us at "SuckBomb" :)

Anonymous said...

two things

Andys picture should be put up next to Keith, Shawn and Chris pictures on top of the sports page.

2nd things, is the Whats bugging Andy Video Podcast going to be available again?