Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How can you not jump on the Drake bandwagon? This team is improving the mood of Iowans everywhere. It's positive. It's exciting. And it's contagious.

If you just can't get enough Drake coverage, check out
Ron Maly keeps the Bulldog stories coming.

Why not name the Iowa State court for the godfather of Hilton Magic, Johnny Orr. "The Orr Floor" sounds right to me.

Roger Clemens looks more guilty and more desperate each time he tries another unconvincing PR move. His latest press release supposedly pointed out that many great pitchers continued their excellence past the age of 40. One big problem: five of the pitchers named never pitched past age 39 and collectively they faded fast in their late thirties.

Best anecdote of the week... NFL legend Gale Sayers asking Heather Burnside if she knew a good place to get a manicure and pedicure. Gale always did have style.

After watching Sayers' do a great job at the Rally Against Cancer, and being reminded of his greatness on and off the field, I watched both versions of Brian's Song. The original is a classic. A little dated now, but you can't beat the banter between James Caan and Billy Dee Williams. The 2001 remake is also good, though it's jarring when you see and hear the same scenes reenacted. Ways the remake improved on the original: giving more time to the wives, showing Brian Piccolo's daughters, and seeing Picollo's physical deteriation. In the original, Caan looked nearly the same on his deathbed. I cried watching both. Great story.

When the Brian's Song remake aired in 2001, I was working, and without thinking, I called Larry Cotlar in the movie's final few minutes. Cotman, I still owe you for doing that. There's no excuse. Don't you hate that when you're completely into something and the phone rings. (I better not ask for examples.)

Have you seen that creepy ESPN commercial for College Gameday? The one where the people in the hot tub have tiny heads on their shoulders? Weird.

The best sports book I've read in a long time is God Save the Fan. It skewers four things: players, owners, media, and fans. We all have it coming.

Thumbs up to Tim Dwight for going to Iraq to spend time with our troops. Great job, Tim.

And finally, thank you for all the congratulations on my marriage to Jenny. I truly appreciate your goodwill. It's been a few months now, and I've never been happier or felt more blessed. I realize how lucky I am. We're like the Brady Bunch, only with all boys. Pray for us.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Post some pictures of you and your new family. We would love to see them!

travis said...
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travis said...

Um, I don't think that request will be granted.

Anonymous said...

Why not if they were all shown in a Christmas promo together? What's the big deal?

Ryan said...

So I blogged with USA Today's Tim Gardner sports writer and asked him this question:

"If the season were over today would Drake head coach Keno Davis be the overwhelming choice for National Coach of the Year honors?? And when all said and done will he be?"

The reply...

"Tim Gardner: Davis would have to be on the short list. But you have to keep Calipari (if they stay unbeaten), Coach K (Duke wasn't supposed to be this good), Tony Bennett, Kevlin Sampson and Scott Drew have to also be considered. I honestly think I'd give Scott Drew my vote right now. Baylor's turnaround is something special. I hope they keep it up in Big 12 play."

Thoughts Keith? (I like your blog way better!)

Matt said...

keith, what are your thoughts on mountain dew?

Keith Murphy said...

All of the coaches Tim Gardner mentioned are having great seasons, but none are a shock. Duke is better than expected? Duke always has 8 McDonald's All-Americans. How shocked should we be? No one has taken a team picked for 9th and coached them to 18 straight wins. Not even close. I may be too close to see straight, but as of Jan. 31, Keno Davis should be the national coach of the year.

I love regular Mountain Dew, but at my age, I don't like to drink that many calories. Diet Dew tastes like Drano, but that's still better than Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Do I have this right? 7 guys in one house? Wow! I thought 4 in my house was plenty. She is truly the Queen of your house! Treat her that way!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,

I think you are too close to see straight. Drake is barely beating a whole lot of really crappy teams. So far, they have played ONE TEAM in the RPI top 50... and lost.

Now I understand that it is not their fault that ISU, Iowa, UNI and the entire MO Valley can't seem to find a way to field a good team. And they can only play their schedule. But, I say that if they played in any of the top five conferences that they would have 14-16 wins at best.

On a side note, What in the world do you think happened to the Mo Valley this year? They were on such an upswing and were rightfully demanding to be considered in the same breath with the power conferences. This year there is Drake and...... nobody else!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Keno Davis National Coach of the Year? Please. Only a homer would even suggest that. Play somebody, and more importantly, BEAT somebody first. They are NOT the 16th best team in the country, and on a neutral floor will be one and done in the NCAA Tournament.

Keith Murphy said...

Wow. Hating on Drake. That's a first, and another sign the Dogs are doing great things. Especially since the nobodies they beat include Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI.

The MVC is way down, no doubt about it, and Drake hasn't played a killer schedule. However, I think this is all about what's relative. Look at the expectations for Drake and what the Dogs have accomplished. Keno deserves praise and consideration.

Do you think those other coaches could take Drake's five starters (including two former walk-ons) and do more than Davis has done this season? When Dr. Tom's Iowa team won 18 straight, he had five future NBA players in the starting line-up. How many do you think Keno has?

Look, I don't think this ride will continue much longer, and maybe Drake will lose in the first round of the NCAAs, but just making it this far is the most positive major college sports story we've had around here in years.

You're right, I probably am too close, but I still maintain there's no coach in America, to this point, who's done anything more impressive than going 19-1 with this Drake team.

Kim said...

I didn't realize that you had gotten married to Jenny. I have been reading this blog for a long time and have never commented before. I love Sound Off, but don't watch near enough. The night that Andy came back was classic. Keep up the good work, and treat that woman right. With all of those guys in the house, she'll need it.
Congrats again!!!!!!!

Matt said...

wow, i didnt think it was possible that drake could be hated on. that is a sign that drake is a true good team. well coached i might add. this is coming from a die hard hawkeye fan.

Anonymous said...

No hate, just keeping it real. Drake is having a great year - by Drake's standards. But they still haven't beaten anyone - including unranked Iowa, Iowa State & UNI. Peace. Brian

Anonymous said...

She is a queen and I love her to death!