Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Shawn Terrell here...TGIF

Kurt Warner's retirement news conference left me with goose bumps.  I was struck by how at peace he seems with the decision to walk away. Warner didn't win a Super Bowl ring in his final season, but he still goes out on top in my opinion.  I agree with Warner's assessment that he played as well in his final two seasons as he did when he first entered the league back in 1999.  Warner hinted that he may pursue a career as a television analyst down the road, and he'd be a good one.  NBC already has 17 hosts for "Football Night in America."  What's one more?

Cael Sanderson's return to Iowa was mostly uneventful.  The Hawkeyes wiped the mat with the Nittany Lions, winning 29-6.  I can't understand why some try to turn Sanderson into a villian.  It just doesn't fit.  Maybe that's because I got the chance to know Cael on a personal level.  Back in the summer of 2008, I did a story with Sanderson.  He invited me into his Ames home like I was an old friend.  I don't remember much about the story.  What I do remember is how after the interview, Cael and I sat around playing video games and bs-ing for a good two hours.  I was sorry to see him leave Iowa State, but will always wish him the best.

So apparently it's "doppelganger" week on Facebook?  I'm not sure where the term originates, but the idea is to get people to change their profile picture to a celebrity they are often accused of looking like.  Sort of like SoundOFF look-a-like.  Mine is Kevin Bacon, circa "Footloose."  I had a professor in college that was so convinced I looked like Kevin Bacon that she actually had me stand up in front of the class and yell "Everybody let's dance!"  Needless to say, I got an "A."

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Anonymous said...

Kurt Warner is at peace because of his faith. He know that God is watching over him and leading him.

I can kind of see Kevin Bacon.

Keith Murphy said...


Is that why you do angry gymnastics in the empty warehouse?

At leaset we finally have an explanation.