Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

It's Shawn again...

The Panthers continue to find ways to win.  UNI went on the road Saturday and beat a much-improved Missouri State team.  I just hope the Panthers aren't peaking too early.

It was great to see a number of players from Drake's 2008 NCAA tournament team back for the alumni game.  The Bulldogs' magical run is the best story I've covered during my nine-plus years working in television. Adam Emmenecker and Klayton Korver later joined Larry Morgan to call the Drake-Creighton game on Mediacom.  Both were outstanding as color commentators as well.  My seat just got a little warmer.

The Cyclones escape with a one-point home win over Colorado?  It's too easy to pile on, so I'm not even going to touch that one.

To borrow a line from the great lyricist Paula Abdul, the Hawkeyes take two steps forward, then take two steps back. Iowa got flat-out punked by a mediocre Michigan team.  The Hawks didn't hit their first field goal until the game was nearly 10 minutes old.  Todd Lickliter told The Des Moines Register, "If they can't get focused for Illinois (on Wednesday), then they shouldn't have taken the scholarships. We signed up for the Big Ten." That's as blunt as I've ever heard Lickliter.

Does anyone want to play in the Pro Bowl?  The Vikings Bryant McKinnie went AWOL in Miami and was kicked off the team.  How do you get kicked off an all-star team?

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McKinnie is an idiot! Way to be a team player! His numbers this season weren’t even worthy of a Pro Bowl roster spot. I hope he gets hit with a hefty fine for his absences.

Anonymous said...

First let me say I'm loving the nightly updates! What could be better than nightly opinions on the top sports headlines from my favorite sportscasters!?

I too am a little worried about the Panthers peaking too soon, however I do think their work ethic and hunger for success is going to help them out in the post season. They've got great leadership too which is important!

So thanks for getting that silly Paula Abdul song stuck in my head...kudos to Paula for dancing with a cartoon character in that video too! HA As for the Hawkeyes...just when there was getting to be a slight glimmer of positive hope for the future...they come out and play crappy against Michigan. What is it going to take for Lickliter to get his players to buy into his philosophy? Is the problem right now the players or the coaches..and how long before we start seeing some success?