Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cyclone aftermath, Hawkeye yawner, Snapple memories


24 hours later, I'm sure the party is still raging on, in Ames. I had the pleasure of being on the field for ISU's monumental upset for Okie State. It's the second time I've been to Jack Trice Stadium, this season. Both games went to overtime. And both ended with fans storming the field. Everyone keeps asking me what it was like in the mob of fans on the field and I continue to let them down by telling them the truth. I high-tailed it to high ground. I've been in too many mosh pits in football stadiums to want to be involved in another --- especially with a camera.

Paul Rhoads just earned himself a nice little pay raise. He's going to be one hot coaching commodity, this off-season.

The question remains the same, "Can Iowa State win another game?" I don't see why not. This defense is playing better than any other defense in the Big 12. Do I think they'll win another regular season game? No. But I'm really excited to see how ISU closes out the season at Oklahoma and K-State.

Iowa fans (not all, but many) need to stop trying to kid themselves. Some are trying to downplay ISU's victory over #2 Oklahoma State. Those same people are still trying to say that it was a fluke that ISU beat Iowa back in September. I'll be honest --- my own dad is one of these people. Leave Iowa State alone, and face the fact that the Cyclones are better this season.

The hardest thing I had to do, Friday night, was leave the field after watching ISU score the game-tying touchdown in the 4th quarter to do a live-shot for Channel 13. That was probably one of the least-watched newscasts in WHO-TV history. Everyone (even non-sports fans, and non-ISU fans) were glued to that game.  Even my wife, who spends the majority of her TV-time watching the Kardashian family make fools of themselves, was excited about it.

I ran into a woman that was tailgating before the ISU game, Friday afternoon, that jumped all over me for my anti-Iowa State jargon. She was clearly intoxicated, and had a smile on her face, but I could tell she really thinks I've been unfair to the Cyclones over the years. I asked her to give me an example of what I've said to make her feel this way and she said, "there are too many to list!" So I said...just list one. She couldn't.

I want as much chaos as possible in the BCS. I'd love to see a 3-way tie in the SEC West, between LSU, Bama, and Arkansas. The more jumbled and confusing, the better.

The Hawks finally won a game on the road. Nebraska got spanked at Michigan. Not exactly the Heroes Game match-up we were all dreaming of, last summer. 

The IceBorg just walked in with a pair of Diet Snapple's. Remember that campaign they had in the mid-90's where you could call Snapple and they would send you a free drink? It was one drink per-address. I ordered one for every address on the block, on the same day, and about a week later mine arrived. I then went around to all the mailboxes in the neighborhood and grabbed my free drinks. I didn't even like Snapple, but the idea was fascinating.


The Former Real Ice Borg said...

So Zach Borg is a whiny troll and Chris Hassell is a felon.

Who'd a thunk it?

Oh, and Paul Rodes now, Paul Rhoadz tomorrow, and Pablo Camino para siempre.

English Teacher said...

Dear Chris-

Please tell me one of the following things was true when you wrote this post:
1. You were drunk.
2. Your comma button was stuck.
3. You failed every grammar test given in school and never learned how to use a comma!

Love what you wrote, but sheesh, your utter overuse of commas made my head hurt!

Anonymous said...

Many Hawkeye fans will go out of their way to downplay or degrade anything Iowa State does well, even though these same fans claim not to care anything about ISU.

I was waiting to see ISU get smoked by OSU...never been happier to be wrong. That defense played out of their minds.

I don't know what that 'sore winner' caller was talking about with the 'sabotoge'. You media guys have to be objective and as Murph says it's why sports is the best reality TV ever...NO ONE EVER KNOWS what will happen.

I cannot WAIT to see what Paul Rhoads does with a bunch of upperclassmen that he has recruited and been involved in his system for three or four years.

Also I agree with Andy that white meat = overrated while dark meat = underrated.

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