Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tuesday started with Penn State's president cancelling Joe Paterno's news conference, and ended with hundreds of Paterno supporters in front of his house chanting "Let Joe Stay", and "We Are... Penn State". Paterno joined the latter, and even yelled "Beat Nebraska". It all seemed too cheerful given the gravity of the scandal, but it's perhaps unfair to peek in at a moment in time and judge.

Paterno also spoke to students through his front door and talked of saying a prayer for the victims. There wouldn't be as many victims if Penn State authorities, Paterno and others, had not enabled an alleged serial child predator.

There's one simple fact I can't get past. If Penn State banned Jerry Sandusky from bringing children on campus, then those in charge knew something. You don't ban a guy from kids because of numerous allegations and incidents, and then give him run of the place.

I can't imagine Paterno coaching Penn State Saturday. At this point, it's hard even picturing the game. Once you're read the grand jury presentment, it's difficult to shake. Here are both videos, and then at the bottom is the report. (*Warning: The presentment is graphic and disturbing.)

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Anonymous said...

Now that Paterno and Curley are out of work, they have the opportunity to do the right thing. They should make a reality show where they get some bicycles and ride around and investigate child molestation cases around Pennsylvania. It would be called, The Pedal Files.