Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where you come from?

(By Chris Hassel)
My journalism professors always told me, "Don't bury the lead!" Here you go     

Had the Cyclones not turned the ball over FOUR times in the first half, they would've had a chance to beat another top-ten team. Jared Barnett finally looked like a redshirt freshman, and James White must've been soaking his bands in canola oil. Whites line reads like this: 1 carry, -11 yards, 2 fumbles.

For the fourth straight week, the ISU defense was fantastic. They played well enough to win. Unfortunately the offense didn't hold up it's end of the bargain. The Cyclones have said, many times, that there's no such thing as a moral victory. I agree. However, I think it's safe to say morale is still sky-high. One year after losing at OU, 52-0, the Cyclones continue to show improvement. They have a chance next week, at K-State.

If you're an Iowa State fan, I'd suggest rooting for Oklahoma to beat Okie State, next week. If OU wins, both teams could go to the BCS. That would push the remaining bowl eligible teams in the Big 12 up rung up the bowl ladder. 

On Saturday night's 10pm newscast, I said that in the inaugural 'Heroes Game', Kirk Ferentz coached more like a coward. We've received several comments on the statement. Some Hawk fans loved it. Other Hawk fans hated it. But one fan tried to pull a fast one on us. He created a Cyclone email account and tried to claim that he was offended as an ISU fan. After saying that the word 'coward' was unacceptable, he proceeded to call us 'dumb sh-ts' ... Only he didn't use the hyphen. 

If you watched the Big Ten Network, at all this summer and fall, you probably heard all the commentators drooling all over Illinois. Every year, smart people forget who is coaching the Illini. It's not Urban Meyer. It's Ron Zook. The experts got 'Zooked' again.

Remember Hawkeye-for-a-day Anthony Hubbard? He left Iowa, this summer, for Morgan State. He still hasn't played. The NCAA hasn't cleared him to play because he enrolled in classes at Iowa. I'll bet he wishes he would've stuck it out in Iowa City. And I'll bet Fran McCaffery does too. The Hawks still have a long way to go before becoming relevant again.


Anonymous said...

The Hawkeyes won a few games just by showing up and letting out a few farts (arguably the easiest schedule in the nation).

The Cyclones clawed their way to a few wins by working their asses off (arguably the most challenging schedule in the nation).

There should be no doubt who is the better team this year -- the Iowa State Cyclones. Facts don't lie.

Anonymous said...

I DARE ISU to go to Michigan and win. How exactly did Iowa have the easiest schedule in the nation? ISU is good this year...big whoop. Send some talent to the NFL and then talk about how good they are. It is after all...A HAWKEYE STATE.

Anonymous said...

To second commenter: you do realize the university was named after the state's nickname, not the other way around right? Yeah they have guys like Dallas Clark, but they also have guys like Robert Gallery and Brad Banks, too.

Also I DARE the Hawks to go to Norman, Stillwater, Austin, Waco, Lubbock, etc. and win in half of those places. Iowa has won exactly ONE game not at Kinnick this year if you recall..and Iowa was lucky to beat Michigan at home.

One program in the state is trending upward, and it ain't at the University of Iowa.

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