Friday, February 01, 2008

Casey Blake is the most down-to-earth six million dollar man you'll ever meet. He still lives in Indianola, just opened The Yard with this brother, and signed a new one year deal with the Indians. Good guy.

The Drake critics are starting to surface. Yes, Drake's schedule is soft, but 18 wins in a row is impressive no matter who you play. If it were no big deal, Drake wouldn't have the nation's second longest streak. It's arguably even more impressive because the Bulldogs have won so many close games. It's a lot easier to run off long winning streaks when most teams you play are overmatched (see Memphis and Kansas).

I'm glad Wesley Johnson's foot shows no structural damage. He's fun to watch, and Iowa State can't afford to lose him for long.

Imagine what Todd Lickliter will do when he has more Big Ten caliber talent.

The Hawkeye wrestling program has its swagger back. Credit Tom Brands.

Big thanks to the anonymous Drake fan who watched SoundOFF and then donated 2,000 T-shirts. The White Out was a huge success. Andy Fales hasn't worked that hard in a while.

Speaking of thanks for anonymous contributions... I owe someone BIG TIME for those fun pictures of Erin Kiernan back in her Drake Bulldog cheerleader days. Unlike my old college pics, Erin looked good, not embarrassing. I think this also confirms we can't expect objectivity from her (at least where Drake basketball's concerned).

The Super Bowl spread is 12. Look for the Patriots to win by more than that.

Friday Night Lights has its mojo back.

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travis said...

Couldn't agree with you more concerning Friday Night Lights. What an exceptional show! I've been watching since the first episode aired and it's greatest strength is it's believability, which is pulled off by capturing the reality of small town, high school life, family dynamics and human struggle; all brought together by superb acting. I would not be surprised if many of this show's cast go on to do small and big screen acting for a long time to come.
The scenes with Matt and Coach at the end of this weeks episode, and Smash grieving alone in the locker room were gripping.

I've also been watching Dr. Drew's Rehab show and Gone Country recently. Not bad. VH1 and CMT are doing much better shows than the slutty trash that MTV has dreampt up/recreated the past few years. MTV should be embarrassed with itself and people should be much more vocal about not accepting the trash that they are shoving over the cable lines. Kids are watching this crap and it's forming their reality. MTV is selling a reality that is not real and it's emulated as reality and an example of how to "function" by youth, young adults and maybe most sadly, adults. I vomit on it.