Friday, February 15, 2008

Indiana better learn from Ohio State's mistakes and be careful, but this mess must end with Kelvin Sampson fired. I never understood why Indiana would hire a guy already knee deep in violations and scandal, not to mention a horrible graduation rate. Say what you will about Bob Knight---and I've said plenty---his players went to class, and Knight didn't cheat. Choke yes. Cheat no.

Did you see where Pat Knight recommended Steve Alford? If there's one place Alford might be as worshiped as he thinks he should, it's Indiana. However, with each passing year, fewer kids, even in the Hoosier State know who Alford is/was. So it comes down to coaching, and Steve's not bad, but he's not good either. Indiana demands more than mediocre, but the Hoosiers shouldn't have sold their souls for Sampson. They got what they deserve.

How proud were you to see your tax dollars at work in that Clemens vs. McNamee circus? McNamee's a weasel, but I think it's pretty obvious he's finally telling the truth about Clemens. Everyone else McNamee says he injected with HGH or steroids backs the weasel. Clemens looked horrible as he tried to keep his stories straight. What a shame he didn't just do what Pettitte and Giambi did. Admit, apologize, help others. We love to forgive people in this country.

Any final shred of hope I held out for Roger telling the truth disappeared when he claimed he had no idea McNamee was injecting Clemens' wife with HGH! And then when Roger's wife 'fessed up and complained of circulation problems, Roger didn't send her to the doctor. He didn't beat up McNamee. He didn't even fire McNamee. Give me a break.

The most embarrassing part of watching all that waste of our money at work was some of the politicians falling all over themselves to try and help their "hero". Why did even this become partisan politics? Because Clemens is good friends with the Bush family? Aren't we better than this? Riveting theater, but disgusting at the same time.

If you ever wondered why the former Cyclone Stadium is now Jack Trice Stadium, please read:

I know some coaches think a loss is never a good thing, but it probably is for Drake. I don't think the Dogs ever got too caught up or too cocky, but it's a good reminder before the tournaments start. When you haven't lost in three months, you forget how bad it feels. (I guess you do. I never played for a team that went very long without losing, so this is conjecture on my part.)

Which TV personality makes you hit the mute or turn the channel? I'm not very critical when it comes to other sportscasters because I truly appreciate how hard the job can be, not to mention I've received my share of mail from people who can't stand me on sight. That kind of thing doesn't bother some people; it does me. Anyway, maybe he's a nice guy, I have no idea, but ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is a channel-changer for me. My Dad has two: Chris Berman and Stuart Scott. My mom can't take Katie Couric.

I just received a book for my review: Buff Dad. Chris and Shawn are having a field day with this one. The book says moms aren't the only ones to gain weight when kids come along, so Buff Dad promises it can whip me into tip-tip shape in four weeks. First Basedow, now this.

Maybe I'll start tomorrow. No, March. Well, perhaps after the NCAA Tournament. Don't want to rush into anything.

I thought Andy Fales and Jeriann Ritter did a great job switching jobs this week. I just never know where I'll see Andy next on channel 13, and that's a good thing.

I got sucked into American Idol again. How did that happen? I'm not proud.

U23D won't arrive this weekend as expected. I'm bummed. My buddy Ryan says it's amazing.

I looked in on Sean Keeler and Randy Peterson's chat on the Register's website. It's a good idea and interesting. Contrary to some opinions, Sean is not for Iowa and against Iowa State or vice-versa. Both sides make that same accusation, and it's one to which I can relate. Randy has done a nice job for decades.

Herbie Hancock won the Grammy for album of the year? You've got to be kidding. At least it makes me think of Tommy Boy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Murph,

Maybe you should check out the Pole Fitness you guys have coming up at Ten tonight!


Anonymous said...

Keith, I know you have to tow the company line - I'm pretty sure we'll never hear you say that anyone there has ever done a "bad" job, but honestly, Andy needs to stick to Sound-Off and Jeriann needs to stick to weather. She wasn't funny at all and Andy was an embarrassment doing weather. I don't know why you would try to turn weather into a joke anyway. I think you should just chock this whole thing up to a bad ratings stunt idea and move on.

Keith Murphy said...

I certainly am not required to "tow the company line". Do you watch SoundOFF? If not, please do. We'd appreciate it.

But you're right about me not using this forum to say others are doing a "bad job"; I just wouldn't say anything. However, I do agree with the many people we've heard from who enjoyed Jeriann and Andy trading jobs so Jeriann could go to Oprah on Valentine's Day. I thought Andy did a good job of giving the forecast and mixing in some humor without overdoing it. He did not turn it into a joke.

As for Jeriann, she didn't try to be funny. She did a video essay on making marriage work as she prepares for her wedding. Not a lot of yucks in that.

You didn't like it. You're entitled to your opinion. In fact, I host a show where opinions rule.


Anonymous said...

Murph, I know media people aren't suppose to be biased, but Sean Keelor has admitted he doesn't really like ISU. I wouldn't care either way if he was 'for' or not Iowa, but his constant shots at ISU are unprofessional given his confession.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Keith. Andy didn't get up at 2am so Jeriann could go to Oprah, although that sounds really sweet. Justin was sitting right there. And even though Jeriann's bit was titled "What's Bugging Jeriann" and she was doing her best Andy imitation with the exagerrated gestures and raised voice, thanks for letting us know it was supposed to be a serious "video essay." What's next, you're going to say you think your upcoming investigation into the Pole Dancing workout merits a Murrow Award?

Keith Murphy said...

Which station do you work for? :-)

Thomas said...

That's a very opinionated KCCI employee!

Anonymous said...

Or a very bitter Justin?

Anonymous said...

Thought Andy was fine on the weather, but the pole dancing workout story took journalism to new lows.
Now if Andy had done the story, it would have been a riot!

Anonymous said...

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