Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Wrestlers... Clear the Mats!" It's time. The country's best state wrestling tournament starts Wednesday. If you're looking for a great book, check out Four Days to Glory. If you're looking for Matthew Modine and Madonna, check out Vision Quest. Tell Steve Perry I said hello.

I spent some time interviewing several of the key Bulldogs: Keno Davis, Leonard Houston, Klayton Korver, and Josh Young. I couldn't be more impressed. These guys give you unrehearsed, un-coached answers---a rarity these days. Their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. The Dogs are having a blast, and they're fortunate to have a coach who isn't trying to scare them out of having fun. Keno's telling his players to enjoy every minute of the incredible ride. It's also apparent that you can win with true student-athletes. These guys aren't headed to the NBA, and if you've watched any of the stories on Drake, you know they didn't come to school to major in pro basketball.

After taking a beating on the feedback of this blog for saying Keno Davis was the mid-season national coach of the year, I was happy to see Dick Vitale call Keno the front-runner for the end of the season honor, while USA Today named Davis as one of four candidates in the running. He should be.

Drake has a tough stretch the next two weeks, and if they can win three out of five, it would be impressive. We'll know a lot after the Southern Illinois game. The Salukis are 59-1 at home against MVC opponents since the 2001-2002 season.

Did you see both Villanova and Rutgers (women) get hosed by bad calls in the closing seconds on the same night? Vivian Stringer had the meanest look this side of Gene Keady (but without the comb-over).

Props to Johnston's Lori Bjork. The former Dragon just scored her 1000th point at the U of Illinois.

From the can't make it up department: Dolly Parton postponed her tour due to back pain.

I missed Andy Fales on 95KGGO Tuesday morning. I heard I missed an entertaining show with Lou, Round Guy, and Heather, though I still find it hard to believe Andy woke up before 7.

Purdue leads the Big Ten. I can't believe that. I was in Vegas and saw Iowa State beat the Boilers. Those two teams have gone in different directions.

It's great that both Hilton Coliseum and Carver-Hawkeye Arena will host the NCAA Women's tourney, but that means in 2009 and 2010, we'll need a local team to do well. As Drake found out one year, if there's no team from Iowa, there's nobody in the stands.

Who would win a fight between Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart? We may find out but my money's on Tony.

Who would win a fight between a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich?

Movies I'm looking forward to "Netflixing": Gone Baby Gone, The Assassination of Jesse James, and We Own The Night.

Lincoln led just one time against Urbandale in the showdown of conference champions. And it was the only time that mattered. 33-31 Rails, which sounds like a score from my dad's playing days. I think they jumped center after every field goal, though I don't think they had to take the ball out of a peach basket.


Anonymous said...

Assassination is great- especially the last 20 minutes when it explains how Robert Ford went on to live out his life. Definitely check it out. It is long, though- 3 hours- like a true western.

Anonymous said...

If you thought Premonition was bad...just wait until you see We Own The Night. I thought it was horrendous. If it weren't for Joaquin and Marky Mark...I'd give it an F+

jt said...

I just saw We Own The Night and I liked it.

It wasn't the best, but it's not as horrible as mr. anonymous has made it out to be.

Too each their own, though.

Anonymous said...

Shout out to the Boilermakers, atop the big 10 w/ 3 starting Freshman and 2 Sophmores! But...they never crack the top 15 due to the Wofford and ISU losses.

Can't wait 'till the Bracketbuster. My family was in the stands at Hinkle when they filmed 'Hoosiers'. Go Dogs!

Is anyone suprised Sampson brought his old under-the-table ways to IU? Knight never had a sanction and graduated his players.

Matt said...

my roommate had a drink of the new Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper and his face was a kodak moment. he looked like he was going to throw up after being told to chug it. i was tempted to try it but i remember the face you and andy made when trying it. it wasnt a face of satisfaction thats for sure.

Tim said...

Ditto on the Baby Boilers. Matt Painter is the real coach of the year. Three freshmen & two sophs and they just beat two Top 10 teams in back-to-back games, plus they have a two-game lead in the Big Ten. ISU & Wofford were early-season flukes. They play ISU today they win by 20.

Anonymous said...

Purdue sucks....Indiana is going to beat them by 15 or more when they play.

Anonymous said...

Indiana? Oh, you mean the team that just got beat by Wisconsin, who Purdue swept? You've obviously got the brains and vocabulary of someone who went to Bloomington. Bet you're also real proud of that cheating coach you've got that's about to get fired. Have you also heard about the recruits that are bailing now? Good luck.

Thomas said...

"Purdue sucks" Is that what happens when you lead the Big Ten? You suck?

15 and Indiana in the same sentence as Purdue actually makes more sense like this - "Purdue is going to beat Indiana by more than 15"

Anonymous said...

We'll see what happens tonight. Then, all you Purdue lovers can climb back in your cubbie holes and cry.

Speaking of Sampson, as an Indiana fan, I believe he needs to be fired. Don't penalize the players...they aren't the ones who cheated, That's my two cents.