Wednesday, February 06, 2008

To honor the incredible success of the Drake Bulldogs---20 straight wins and counting---I
thought I'd drop a few pictures of great Drake basketball moments throughout history into my blog this week. Hope you enjoy.

Andy and Shawn made it back from Normal, Illinois. After calling twice to tell me they couldn't believe how many cars they had passed in the ditch, they called me to tell me they were now in the ditch. Fortunately some nice people from Urbandale took pity on our stranded travelers and drove them the final two hours to Des Moines. Shawn and Andy even made it to Wells Fargo Arena for the first Van Halen song.

Sammy or David Lee? I'd rather listen to Sammy and see Diamond Dave in concert.

College football signing day does nothing for me. You just never know what you have until several years later, and every coach says they "really like their class".

Iowa State would be a much better basketball team this season with Lucca Staiger. The guy can flat out shoot the three like you can't believe, and the Clones need that threat desperately.

Leave Britney alone.

It's good to have Dick Vitale back, even if he is a little quieter.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy Keith...I hope you haven't started something here with these pictures.

Hey, how about that crowd at Carver??? I know they were giving away free tickets, but still....and Iowa looked pretty good against a #10 ranked team.

Anonymous said...

If wasn't already obvious by looking at the Bulldogs record, these pictures make it clear. The talent pool at Drake has dramatically improved in recent years. Erin - you're great. The rest - not so much.

Anonymous said...

Nice Corvette! ;-) Roger that Bandit, she is a hottie!

Anonymous said...

There's a Corvette in there?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,
A paragraph by paragraph response.

Paragraph 1 - Wow! You'll try anything to get us to jump on that Drake bandwagon! Erin is going to be mad at you, but she shouldn't be. She wore the uniform well.

2. Common sense says they should've stayed in Normal. I probably would have done the same thing they did, though.

3. David Lee. I like Sammy but their music became a little too commercial when Diamond Dave left.

4. I agree. The big guns got their usual haul of freakishly good game changers. But after that, it comes down to how well a coach can mold athletes into game changers.

5. Imagine this starting five. PG-Mike Taylor, SG-Lucca\WJohnson, SF-WJohnson\Rashon. PF-Brackins, C-Juri. I think this was coaches vision until things fell apart. (AGAIN!)

6. Don't you mean - (sniff) LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOOOONE!! (sniff sob sob sniff)?

7. No it's not.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Erin has nothing to be ashamed of.

On the other hand...

Check out the 4:08 mark, if you can get that far through it.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, Stacey has only gotten better looking. On the other hand...