Sunday, February 17, 2008

We just finished SoundOFF a few minutes ago. As usual, Andy made me laugh several times, though for a change, it was Andy who lost it and couldn't recover. The following page from our friends at the sent Andy into a rare laugh-lock:

It's a really juvenile picture, but like many things at the Pickle, perfectly captures the absurdity of the Rodriguez vs. West Virginia nonsense.

After we gave a "Thumbs Down" to Iowa State's top football recruit, Sedrick Johnson, for sending a Letter of Intent to two schools---ISU & Texas A&M---I was asked on air if Johnson was from Texas. I wasn't sure. I thought so, but wasn't 100%, so I asked. I've already heard from three Cyclone fans who wonder how I can be so "unprepared" and "poorly researched". I'll tell you how: because I'm not a hardcore fan, and unlike them, I don't care about specific recruiting at all (general, yes). I've learned over the years to wait and see who shows up and who turns out.

So, the critics are right. I will not be doing a lot of research on Sed Johnson's high school stats, favorite ice cream, or player he most looks up to . I leave that for the fine folks at,, and Once the recruits get here, I promise we'll keep an eye on the players, and as always, tell you what we think.

Keno Davis came in for a segment on SoundOFF. As you'd expect, he was good. Davis avoids a lot of coachspeak, which makes him infinitely more interesting. Hopefully that continues. He talked a lot on air about all the stuff you'd expect, but off air, he asked who he'd been compared to this week in our Look Alikes segment. Keno and his wife, Krista, watch SoundOFF and they've been getting a kick out of all nominations: Dermot Mulroney, Mel Gibson, Dan Winters... to name a few. Those are all good-looking guys, which happens when you're 23-2. Go 2-23 and the uglies start showing up. If you have a Keno look alike idea, send it to:

A bunch of us went to the Bucs game Saturday night. The place was packed, and the energy unbelievable. The Bucs responded by scoring a season high 7 goals, and that means DONUTS! Free Krispy Kremes for everyone.

Even if you're not a wresting fan, you should take great pride in our state tournament. It's the best in the nation. No other state is close. Well done by all involved.

I watched Zodiak this weekend. Long movie, but good. I knew the ending, which will leave many people unsatisfied, but it's a true story (on the Zodiak serial killer in California). B

It's 12: 15 a.m. and I have to have two of the kids at the dentist at 7:30 a.m. Better go.

Stay warm. Have a good week.


Sara said...

Isn't it about time for Dolph's suit to go into the SoundOFF Hall of Fame?

Heather R. said...

I totally saw the segment with Keno. He is very professional and is very respectable. He definatley has my vote for Coach of the Year! Good job last night guys, as usual I got my laughs in at 10;30 on Sunday!!

Anonymous said...


First you don't know where Sedrick Johnson is from, then you get Ha-keem Abdel-Khaliq's stats wrong. He made three baskets in his four-year career, not one. Had you reported this correctly, maybe he would have gotten noticed by an NBA scout. Maybe that call would have come on draft day. I see this as just another example of the man trying to keep a brother down.

Jt said...

It looks like you've got yourself a fan, Keith.

Keith Murphy said...

Three baskets in four years? I had no idea Ha-Keem was that prolific a scorer. You're right, I may have kept him out of the NBA by reporting the only field goal we captured on video tape, while refusing to acknowledge the others. Fortunately, given Ha-Keem's professional success, I feel we did him a favor.

It should also be noted Ha-Keem scored three baskets more in college than the rest of us.