Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guilty Pleasure, Manny Being Manny, Buzz Will Punch You In The Face

  • Finally watching the new Celebrity Apprentice---hey, NBC helps pay the bills---and this is a full bag of mixed nuts, or as they're classified here, celebrities. This show is an instantly forgettable guilty pleasure.
Know many of these people?
  • Adam Carolla is one funny guy. If you haven't read "In 50 Years, We'll All Be Chicks", I highly recommend it (not for kids).

  • Saturday Night Live with Myra Rudolph as guest host was terrific.
  • The A's signed Manny Ramirez. Why? He no longer can hit, even with steroids, which oh by the way, he'll have to sit out 50 games. Again.
  • Matt Gatens told me he still thinks the Hawks can make the NCAA tournament. He's right, if Iowa doesn't lose, which isn't going to happen. I wish it would. Gatens has played his heart out for four years and never played a post-season game. 
  • The story on our news about those abused dogs breaks my heart. How can people have such a dark heart? Anyway, thanks to the people who are helping nurse those dogs back to health, and to those who will provide a home.
  • Do not tell Buzz Aldrin the moon landing wasn't real.

  • Andy Fales' story on Presidents Day was a lot of fun. If you missed it, I'm sure it's somewhere on whotv.com. Andy is a good writer.
  • If you're on twitter, please don't ask for retweets. All your followers thank you in advance.
  • Dan McCarney stayed in the hospital less than a week after suffering a stroke. Glad to hear Mac's doing well. Hopefully it wasn't the Grey Goose.


two-shedz said...

On Manny "He get's on base" ~MoneyBall

Keith Murphy said...

Yes, but he was ten years younger, and likely on steroids.