Saturday, February 18, 2012

ISU Rolls Without Royce, Ferentz Hires Ferentz

By Chris Hassel

For the 8th time this season, Royce White failed to score in double-digits for Iowa State --- and the Cyclones improved to 8-0 in those games. That says a couple things. One....Iowa State isn't a one-man team. Two...Royce White can be effective even when he doesn't score. ISU did what it needed to do against OU. Now it's time to do the same against Texas Tech, Wednesday. 
I can't tell if this little Cyclone is excited, or really angry.
What in the heck happened to Illinois? Nebraska went on a 34-4 run against the Illini, today. Nebraska! Bruce Weber may be fired before he sets foot on the team plane at the Lincoln Airport.

Iowa plays another 5pm Sunday game, tomorrow. Am I the only one that hates these? Unless it's a huge game, college basketball doesn't belong on Sunday's, especially at 5pm. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it only happened a couple times a year, but it seems to be becoming the norm.

Drake would be fine if it never again traveled West for a basketball game. Just a couple months after losing by 46 at Boise State, the Dogs got drubbed at New Mexico State in the Bracketbuster game.

For the 25th consecutive year, Saturday night at the state wrestling championships is sold out. John Meeks will be taking the mat sometime around 7:30pm in hopes of becoming the 6th person to finish his career unbeaten, with 4 state titles. I don't see any way he loses.

Kirk Ferentz hired his own son to be Iowa's offensive line coach. Brian Ferentz must be an up-and-comer if he had already ascended to tight ends coach in New England. In addition, Ferentz hired LeVar Woods as the teams' new linebackers coach. I like the moves. A new infusion of young blood into the program...not to mention they're both former Hawkeyes. The only position left to fill is the offensive coordinator position.
Father and son will reunite on the Iowa sideline this fall.
I made the mistake of leaving my Twitter account open at work again. For some reason, Andy and our photog Brandon McCauley think it's cool to post dumb comments and attack other tweeters on my account. Andy did it a couple weeks ago, and I got him back reeeal good. Brandon has no idea what's about to hit him.

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