Monday, March 08, 2010

Championship Sunday

Northern Iowa is the best team in the Valley, and it's not even close. The Panthers won all three MVC tournament games by 15 or more points. They're heading to the NCAA tournament for the 5th time in 7 years. So far, they're 0-4. Unlike the other 4 times, they will likely be a 1st-round favorite, this year. Expect them to grab a seed somewhere between 6 and 8.

By the way, UNI won its 28th game today. Iowa and Iowa state have combined to win 25.

Iowa followed up its worst loss, ever, to Wisconsin (27 points), with its worst loss, ever, to Minnesota (35 points). Sunday's 88-53 loss is Iowa's worst defeat since 1990, and 6th worst defeat of all time. In case you're wondering, the Hawks have played 2,503 games in their history. A 102-49 loss in 1975 to Indiana ranks #1.

Todd Lickliter will likely see Iowa's season end the same way it has ended the previous two seasons...with a Thursday loss to Michigan in the 1st round of the Big Ten tourney.

The Iowa women blew a 16-point 2nd-half lead to 10th ranked Ohio State in the Big Ten title game. They're still going to be dancing, however. Quite impressive, considering they began the Big Ten season 1-6.

Iowa State will need another major upset if they want to keep their season going. The Clones get a slumping, but very talented, Texas team on Wednesday night at the Big 12 tourney. The women play a team to be determined, on Friday.

The boys state basketball tournament begins with 1A play at 10:30am on Monday. Ames plays on Wednesday. They won't be challeneged until the title game, and even that may be a stretch.

Hawkeye wrestling fans aren't happy. Sure, they're team won the Big Ten title by 37 points, but Brent Metcalf is all they can think about. The 149-lb senior was 100-1 in his previous 101 matches (only loss coming in the 2009 national final) ... but on Sunday, Ohio State's Lance Palmer took it Metcalf in the final minute. Metcalf ran home from Ann Arbor, Michigan to punish himself.

Keith just bought a new pair of Nike glasses...and I'm not talking sun glasses. He's pretty proud of them.

Happy Monday...

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