Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chuck Norris Can Slam A Revolving Door

  • Well, at least the Cyclones went down swinging.
  • Chris Hassel reports from KC that Greg McDermott said after the game the NCAA has denied Marquis Gilstrap's appeal for another year. No surprise. The hypocritical NCAA nearly always makes the wrong choice when faced with a chance to show its siding with a student-athlete's welfare.
  • Craig Brackins says he hasn't made up his mind yet---he'll announce within a week---but he's as good as gone. Iowa State's best two players will leave after a season where the Cyclones won four conference games. Yikes.
  • Will Iowa at least show up for the game against Michigan?
  • The Cyclone women at the Big 12 tourney are far less interesting with Alison Lacey out.
  • Chuck Norris is 70? I thought time waited for no man. Except Chuck Norris.
  • Southeast Polk plays without second leading scorer Tony Sandquist, still finds a way to beat Dowling Catholic in OT. Sandquist had his suspension for attending an underage party with alcohol reduced to two games. I think that's fair, considering no one's accusing Sandquist of drinking and he maintains he was unaware of the booze. He'll now play one final game. Will it be the championship or the consolation?
  • Head coach B.J. Windhorst gave a strong interview to Shawn Terrell after the game. B.J. says with all the controversy surrounding Sandquist, some people forgot there was a game, but not his players. They stayed focused.
  • No one's going to beat Ames.
  • As soon as Andy seeds Thursday's Datebook, it will be a long day for me.
  • RIP Corey Haim. He made three good movies---Lucas, The Lost Boys, Murphy's Romance---and a lot of bad ones.

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