Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jeering Wes, UNI Favored, A Real Cubs Collapse

  • I won't name names, but not all Cyclone fans are over "face of the program" Wesley Johnson bolting Iowa State for Syracuse. I work with two diehards who were openly cheering for Butler to upset the Orange, and they left no doubt why. Wes won't make the Final Four, but no one can say going to the 'Cuse was a bad move. The guy is now a first team All-American and future NBA lottery pick.
  • As Butler upset Syracuse, I wondered if he regretted leaving the perfect fit for his coaching abilities and limitations. It's easy to say he wiped his tears with hundred dollar bills, but I know a lot of people who were happier before they were wealthy.
  • Greg McDermott is proud of his friend, Ben Jacobson, but I also wonder if Mac watches UNI and wonders.
  • Some Vegas oddsmakers now favor UNI against Michigan State, and 6 of 8 ESPN analysts are now picking the Panthers. Don't you think Tom Izzo loves the way this is setting up?
  • Hoover's Cassondra Boston plays in the DII national championship game Friday night. Boston led Emporia State to the 'ship. Nice going, Cassondra.
  • Dwight Gooden was arrested for DUI while driving his 5 year old son to school. Sad.
  • Bad sign for the Cubs. Derrek Lee hurt his back when a chair collapsed. He's going to be okay, but my goodness.,230255
  • I was supposed to be at the Black Eyed Peas with my wife and two of our older kids. It's a birthday present concert. UNI's run changed our sports schedule, so I'm here, and Jenny is there, sending me constant text pics of Fergie,, and flying neon motorcycles with messages like, "I can't believe how incredible this concert is!". She's like the Gus Johnson of texting.
  • March 26th, or as it will forever be known, the day Hot Tub Time Machine was released. I hope the movie lives up to the title in a way that Snakes On A Plane did not.

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Anonymous said...

Gus Johnson of texting - nice! I watched and listened to most of that KSU/Xavier game and I almost had to give it the Dick Vitale treatment (pushing the MUTE button on my TV). There was no difference in his voice between a layup early in the second half and a 30-foot three-pointer in the last 45 seconds of the 2nd OT. There's a microphone there, Gus, and we can adjust the volume on our TVs. No need to yell.