Friday, March 19, 2010

Hawkeyes Dominate, #1 and #2, Tombstone in Justified

  • It's already over. The Iowa Hawkeyes have been cranky since winning last year's wrestling national championship. No individual champions diminished the team title in the eyes of Iowa. This year, five Hawks made it to the finals. Wanna bet a few win it all?
  • Iowa's absolute dominance overshadows a nice comeback by Iowa State. The Cyclones had a miserable first session, but they've been rolling since. Iowa State could finish second, albeit a distant second.
  • Tom Brands told Shawn Terrell he likes to relax with a chainsaw. I'm not sure what it means, but it sounds right. Love Brands.
  • I just drove home and the roads were terrible. How can it be 65 and sunny Thursday, 25 and snowing Friday? Iowa.
  • It's also snowing in Oklahoma City. It's snowing so much Chris Hassel and the boys are worried about making it back in time for SoundOFF Sunday night. No one thinks of an extra night in Oklahoma City as a vacation. Props to the Ford Center though. Nice place.
  • My dad went back to Florida today. I already miss him. He's a good soul, and keeps us laughing.
  • I'm anchoring Saturday because Shawn's in Omaha and Chris OKC. I realize you're not stopping by to check my schedule, but if I write it, I'm less likely to forget to show up for work.
  • Those I-Cubs commercials have me ready for baseball.
  • A local sanitation and septic company has a great slogan. "We're #1, and #2."
  • UNI is built for a run in the tourney, so did it have to be Kansas already?
  • Watching "Justified" as I type. Another winner for FX. Any series based on an Elmore Leonard character that shows a Tombstone poster in the first 10 minutes is destined for good things.

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