Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't Sleep on the Cats

  • It's surreal. The entire nation is still talking about the UNI Panthers. Monday, Ali Farokhmanesh was on the Dan Patrick Show, Jim Rome interviewed Ben Jacobson, David Letterman told jokes---at KU's expense. "The whole state of Kansas lost to a part of Iowa." UNI Sports Information Director Colin McDonough told me it's been non-stop national media requests since the Panthers shocked the Jayhawks.
  • Love how the Panthers are not buying into the whole Cinderella concept. They really thought they could beat Kansas, and they don't look at it as some miracle.
  • It was no fluke, UNI outplayed Kansas, but Jayhawk fans will spend the off-season wondering why KU didn't press sooner. The players can reflect on their lack of urgency and how they looked past the Panthers. Big mistake. Don't sleep on these Cats.
  • The Stanford women are killing us. Last year they ended Iowa State's season. This year, Iowa. Both times it was over before the half.
  • Parity may have arrived in NCAA men's basketball, but it is nowhere to be found in the women's game. The #1 seeds always dominate the early rounds, and no one is going to beat UConn.
  • Props to CBS for saying no to the ridiculous five minute interview with Tiger Woods. It's like speed dating, only it's speed interviews. You know what we learned from the five minute interviews by the Golf Channel and ESPN? Absolutely nothing, other than the fact Woods remains a robotic control freak. I don't care either. I just want to see him play golf.
  • The Pacific on HBO is terrific, as expected. I can't fathom what some of those men endured.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, I think I'm in for Hot Tub Time Machine. It looks ridiculous, and funny.

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