Friday, March 05, 2010

So I have these warts...

Bet that got your attention.  Shawn here...

What a day a the Girls State Tournament.  Four games all decided by five points or less.   The highlight was Exira's thrilling win over Mount Ayr in the 1A title game.  Let's be honest, it's not easy for an NBA team, let along a 1A girls team, to go the length of the court and score in 4.6 seconds.  But that's exactly what the Vikettes were able to accomplish.  Ann Walker's shot fell through the net just as the horn sounded.  As Chris Hassel correctly pointed out, Walker will never have to pay for a meal in Exira the rest of her life.

I think UNI was a lock for the NCAA tournament before the Panthers went to St. Louis, but it's immaterial now.  The Panthers prevented Drake from making a field goal for 21 minutes.  Not 21 minutes in real time... 21 minutes on the game clock.  There's cold, and then there's liquid nitrogen cold.  A side note here, I'm really going to miss covering the Bulldogs' Josh Young.  Young always greets everyone with a smile, and he represents all that is good about college athletics.

The Iowa women's basketball team was hit so hard by injuries and illness this season that Lisa Bluder had to add two players from the general student population to the team just so the Hawkeyes could scrimmage.  Still, after starting 1-6 in conference play, the Hawks have fought their way onto the NCAA tournament bubble.  Now that's a turnaround.

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