Monday, September 27, 2010

Bears Win, The Real Ed Wilson, Tenth Inning

  • Now Packer fans know how Hawkeye fans felt after Arizona. Green Bay appeared the better team in Chicago, but the Packers self-destructed with bad special teams, foolish penalties, and lack of a running game.
  • Chris Hassel and Shawn Terrell are both big Bears fan. They're being set up.
  • @TheRealEdWilson on Twitter is not the real Ed Wilson. Many of you have asked if he is. Our Ed is not on Twitter, but the Ed who is does give a brief forecast. Monday's one word example: "MOIST".
  • Is it just me, or has the baseball season all but disappeared? Next to no buzz.
  • If you're a baseball fan, don't miss Ken Burns' "The Tenth Inning" on PBS Tuesday and Wednesday night.

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