Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hamton Out, Letterman In, Twins Hungover

  • I feel for Jewel Hampton. Rehabbing an injury is both gruelling physically and mentally. Hampton worked so hard to get his right knee back in shape, only to blow out his left. He could still play dozens of football games at Iowa, but I'm sure that seems so far away right now to  Jewel.
  • Next man in. That's the mantra at Iowa, but it's not clear who is the next man in at running back. A-Rob then...
  • Remember when we wondered how Iowa would find enough carries for three potential starters: Robinson, Wegher, and Hampton. And then there was one.
  • Iowa State's offense isn't working well, so that makes Jerome Tiller the answer, at least in the minds of many fans. That's an oversimplification, but at this point it can't hurt to give Tiller some reps.
  • Why is anyone surprised to learn Letterman was in on the Joaquin Phoenix hoax?
  • Five days, and I still haven't seen The Town.
  • I'm headed to the Hangover game Wednesday. My friend Ryan and I were hoping to see the Twins clinch, but Tuesday night the Twins won and the White Sox lost, so the players celebrated, which means we get the hangover game. I can't wait to see Target Field anyway. My ticket cost $85! Never thought I'd pay that to see a Twins game.
  • It's a triple-header: Twins, The Town, Arcade Fire.
  • Is Lethal Weapon 2 really better than Lethal Weapon? Our KXnO radio listeners backed Andy on this one.

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