Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tenth Inning, Social Network, MC22

  • Tip of the cap to Ken Burns and PBS (IPTV) for The Tenth Inning. It picks up where "Baseball" left off in 1994.  The past 16 years of baseball are exciting and infuriating at the same time.
  • Fran McCaffery needed to land Cedar Rapids Washington star Josh Oglesby. It's a start.
  • Drake had it women's basketball media day Wednesday, September 29. We missed it. I'll confess we've never put anything basketball related on the calendar prior to October, but with the schools moving everything up, we better start. Bulldogs, we owe you one. Sorry.
  • Bob Feller just added a pacemaker. Feller may be 91, but he's not going anywhere without a fight.
  • I'm watching the Defenders on my DVR. When did Jim Belushi morph into Johnny Bench?
  • I can't wait to see Secretariat.
  • The Social Network is not something that appeals to me, except Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay. Anyone who wrote A Few Good Men, The West Wing, and Sports Night knows how to use words. Especially A Few Good Men.
  • Yes, the video quality for the UNI at ISU football game on MC22 was poor, as spoofed on SoundOff, but if not for Mediacom the game wouldn't have been seen at all. Coverage of local games is the only reason I haven't switched to DirecTV because I really want the NFL Network.

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog. I like the short-form format. Similar to "I think..." on SoundOff. Like a daily quick peak into your brain. Keep it up!