Friday, September 17, 2010

Maroon Machine, Hawkeyes Roll, Lacey Wins

  • Good gosh, Dowling is good. The Maroons keep blowing out ranked teams. Hit me back if Dowling doesn't go undefeated and win the state championship.
  • College football Saturday predictions: K-State keeps I-State reeling, Iowa makes people wonder why Arizona was favored by 1.
  • Great to see Seneca Wallace starting Sunday for the Browns.
  • I'll take Peyton over Eli in Manning Bowl II Sunday night on channel 13 (followed by SoundOff!).
  • Reggie Bush says giving back the Heisman trophy is not an admission of guilt. Right.
  • Did you know former Cyclone Alison Lacey just won a WNBA title with Seattle? Lacey didn't play much after a season of ice cold shooting. She was 4-35 from the field.
  • No Gators arrested the past few days.
  • Derek Jeter didn't cheat. The baseball culture is such that you're encouraged to pretend you caught a ball when you know you trapped it, or take a base any way you can. Baseball is not golf. However, Jeter didn't need to fake the injury. That's too much.
  • My son Colin plays his first Little All-American football game Saturday. This is good news. Colin is tired of practice. He told me tonight, "Dad, I think I need to be seven, not six." Most of the time, he's having fun with football at six.

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