Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miller & Deace Done, Ines Turns Heads, Doing It for the Snookies

  • Reggie Bush gave back the  Heisman before they took it away. Let's not mistake this for nobility.
  • "Miller & Deace" in the morning will be missed. Chemistry and friendship can't be faked. They had both. They're leaving for the right reasons, but it's terrible timing for listeners, and KXnO. The show ends two weeks into the most anticipated football season in Hawkeye history.
  • Jon Miller is a rising star on the Big Ten Network. Look for his show "The Pulse" on Thursday evenings. (also the night you'll see Jon's Hawkeye Insider reports on our newscasts)
  • U of Miami is the latest school to tell football players they can't tweet on twitter any longer. Iowa never started. Iowa State still going strong.
  • Can't wait for Patriots vs. Jets this weekend.
  • I'd also like tickets for Cubs vs. Red Sox at Fenway Park next season for the first time since the 1918 World Series. Babe Ruth played for the Sox. He's the last pitcher to bat in a spot other than ninth in the World Series (sixth).
  • Ines Sainz is a stunning woman. She knows that. She uses that. She still doesn't deserve harassment. However, if she wants to be taken seriously as a professional, she needs to dress like one.
  • One of our boys saved his money like never before. The reason: Halo Reach.
  • My son Colin asked repeatedly to play tackle football this season. Since he's only six, I did not think that would be possible, but Des Moines' Little All-American Football League added six year olds this season. Here's Colin before this first practice in pads Monday night:

  • Beaverdale Fall Fest is this weekend. Raygun has the shirt to go with it.


Anonymous said...

I watched the Ines Sainz interview on the Today show. I agree that regardless of what she is wearing, she deserves to be treated like a human being. However...all I thought while watching the "tease" for the interview was "well, if you'd put your boobies away and pick your jeans outta your crack, maybe they wouldn't treat you like a joke." I felt horrible for thinking it...but it's true!! There ARE differences between boys and girls and those differences are there (I believe) to catch the eye of the other gender...yet women who wear low-cut tops while generously endowed complain that men don't look in their eyes? Heck, other WOMEN can't look you in the eye!!!
Ok, I'm done ranting!
Oh, and btw, I think it's awesome (if not a little scary) that there is full-contact football for 6 year-olds...but I know mine will be all over it when he gets to that age, too!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman, so I can say this with a reasonable amount of authority: any woman who says she doesn't dress provocatively on purpose of for the attention IS LYING. We know sex sells and we use it. Often.

Anonymous said...

Your son looks adorable in the football uniform!!! Hope he has fun!