Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SI Dazzles, Kurt Dances, Hawks Recover

  • Drew Brees is now in the conversation of best NFL quarterbacks. You knew when he had a minute to work with, the Saints would beat the 49ers.
  • Scary end to the season for Cubs rookie Tyler Colvin. He's still in the hospital after being pierced in the chest with a shattered bat. If the maple bats are a problem, time to rule them  out.
  • I'm going to my first Twins game at the new Target Field Wednesday. As fate would have it, Sports Illustrated will put out its new issue that day with this unbelievable cover. It's a wow.
  • I can't believe while I was watching Monday Night Football, Kurt Warner was on another channel dancing. I did watch the season Shawn Johnson was on, and even hosted the DWTS tour event here in Des Moines, but I can't get through another season. Not even for a good guy like Kurt. My mom and sister will have to represent me.
  • Hawaii Five-O looks like a hit to me, thanks in no small part to the star turn from Scott Caan. He has the same mannerisms and charisma of his father, James.
  • The Event is just waiting for me to watch,  but I promised my wife I wouldn't watch it until she gets back from a business trip. Is it as good as advertised?
  • I still can't believe Iowa lost at Arizona. I was certain the Hawks would win, which is why I don't gamble. Arizona was the better team Saturday night, but I'm stunned Iowa played that sloppy. Big Ten season hasn't even started yet. Plenty of good times ahead for Hawk fans.
  • Iowa State just isn't a good football team yet. The Cyclones have a must-win if there ever was one against UNI.
  • My son, Colin, had his first football game. He played linebacker. When I asked him his favorite part of the game, he said, "No one tackled me!". Again, he was on defense. Still learning, but having fun. What else matters.
  • From the "Where are they now department", former Roosevelt basketball star Josh Ansah started his own clothing line. He appears to have stayed in good shape too: http://www.jayteesapparel.com/

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