Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Another One Gets Away, Oh My Aching Arm, Miller & Deace

  • Matt Woodley is a Valley alum, but he was all Waukee Tuesday night. Congrats to the Warriors, Hoover Huskies, and Ankeny Hawks on punching their tickets to the boys state basketball tournament.
  • Watching Taylor Greenfield play at girls state, it's hard to accept she's leaving our state, but Greenfield's going to Stanford---who could blame her? Greenfield is playing a different game than the other girls on the court.
  • My right forearm is aching so much right now from what I guess is carpal tunnel syndrome, it hurts to type. Any suggestions?
  • Parenthood deserves more viewers. Good show. At NBC, we need all of those we can get.
  • The Charlie Sheen Show kept me amused and entertained---until the kids came up. I had forgotten about them. Wasn't as funny after that.
  • Miller & Deace didn't stay quiet long. The former KXNO morning team will do a weekday radio show outside the Des Moines market for Sports Byline USA beginning March 14th from 9-10 a.m. Not clear yet which Byline affiliates will carry Miller & Deace, but here they are:

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