Monday, March 07, 2011

Hawks Cool Boilers, Glass Houses, Celebrity Nutjobs

  • March Madness won't be much fun for fans of our state's men's basketball teams. We're going ohfer. However, the Cyclones won two of their past three games, and the Hawks pulled off the signature win of the season by upsetting #6 Purdue Saturday. 
  • Purdue had been on a hot streak, Iowa a cold one, so no one saw it coming. It was no fluke. Iowa outplayed, outworked, and outcoached Purdue.
  • Nice to see Carver-Hawkeye Arena that loud and energized again. It had been a LONG time. That's the biggest Iowa win in years. How far back do we have to go? Iowa had lost 25 straight to top 25 teams.
  • The Hawks need more shooters and size, but Fran McCaffery found Basabe and Cartwright. That's promising.
  • Iowa will play Michigan State at the Big Ten tournament. Can't see that ending well for Iowa. Then again, I didn't see Iowa beating Purdue.
  • Iowa State draws Colorado. The Buffs will have no fans in KC, and ISU just beat CU, so there's an opportunity.
  • Two Cyclone football players arrested over the weekend, Lattimer and Howard. Worth repeating: this is why fans shouldn't throw rocks. They live in glass houses.
  • Tired of Charlie Sheen yet?
  • The Celebrity Apprentice looks chock full of nutjobs. I'm definitely in.
  • Anyone see Rango? I need a review.


Anonymous said...

Rango was great!!! Playing at Merle Hay cinema too..Go see it

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