Friday, March 25, 2011

The Sweater Vest, The Manzi, The Kicker

The sweater vest is in hot water, again. Jim Tressel reportedly forwarded emails to Terrelle Pryor's mentor, instead of Ohio State or the NCAA. There's now talk that OSU is considering suspending Tressel for spring football. Every week, Tressel sinks deeper and deeper. Some Buckeye fans have gone so far as to start thinking about his possible replacement --- that's when you know it's getting serious. I think he'll be all right, but the OSU image is taking a serious hit.

Apparently it was casual Friday
 Ricky Stanzi stopped by the Murph n Andy show, today. 'The Rick' opened up about his draft stock, and his Iowa past...but my favorite part was when I asked him what the dumbest question a reporter ever asked him. Without pausing, he brought up a question some idiot asked after Iowa lost on a last-second field goal to Illinois, in 2008. That idiot was me. I specifically asked him that question because I'll never forget how mad he was when I posed this question to him after the game, "Are you guys sick and tired of losing all these close games?" To which Ricky shook his head in disgust and said, "No, we like it! Of course we hate it." Luckily, he's a nice enough guy to have a little fun with it.

Harrison Barnes is playing like a champion --- and he's 3 wins away from becoming one. North Carolina spanked Marquette behind HB's 20 points and 6 boards. In my opinion, he's one win away from turning pro.

Have you ever seen two worse sweet 16 games, going on at one time, than the first two games on Friday? It was so bad, I was actually looking forward to the Southwest Airline and NAPA commercials.

Yes, this is Josh Harrellson
 That Harrellson dude for Kentucky just pisses me off. If I was 6-11, and weighed 350 pounds, I'd probably do something about it.

The Barnstormers came from behind to beat the defending champion Spokane Shock, but the real story was the place-kicking. Iowa's kicker, missed 6 of 7 PAT's! The only thing worse than that, is the fact that the game was being played on national television, and you had to have direcTV to see it. What is wrong with Mediacom? How do you not have NFL Network, yet? How do you not have the Golf Channel, yet? I feel like I'm living under a Nazi regime.

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