Friday, March 04, 2011

Dogs Exit, Hoiber vs Alford, Kody's All Heart

  • Drake didn't last long at Arch Madness. The Bulldogs were wildly inconsistent all season. Mark Phelps needs to figure out how to get his young Dogs on the same page more often.
  • Greg McDermott and Ben Jacobson are best friends. They don't enjoy coaching against each other, but they'll have to get used to it.
  • Doug McDermott is a great kid who had an unbelievable first season. He could have played anywhere.
  • Harrison Barnes is over the pressure or jitters or adjustment or whatever bothered him early this season. He's North Carolina's go-to-guy now. Ask FSU.
  • It's so hard to watch girls at state basketball when they lose and realize it's over.
  • The Barnstormers quietly had an exhibition game Thursday night. They looked good too.
  • Former Hawkeye Robert Gallery has had enough of Oakland. Who could blame him.
  • Cyclone and Hawkeye fans enjoyed Fred Hoiberg knocking Steve Alford out of the Shots from the Heart tournament for the American Heart Association. Hoiberg made 102 straight free throws. Yes, 102. Alford---one of the great shooters in college basketball history---made 52 in a row. Impressive. Hoiberg advances to the Final Four of coaches.
  • I loved getting to know Kody Ingle and his mom in Chris Hassel's terrific story. Last I knew, Kody left for Creighton after leading Southeast Polk to state last year. Kody decided he wanted to be closer to his mom while she fights cancer. Kody transferred to Grandview University in Des Moines. Kody' Ingle knows what's important. You can see the story in our video player.
  • Friday night I'm hosting a birthday party for my son at Pump It Up. Pray for me.

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Anonymous said...

What a neat story on Kody Ingel. Being the mom of three young boys and feeling the pressure and balance of sports in their lives its nice to see the family values win out over sports. What an awesome young man.