Saturday, March 26, 2011

Domino's Chicken, Kansas Comet, Twist Cone

This has been one of the best NCAA tourney's in memory. The majority of games have come down to the final shot, and Saturday was no different. Butler and UConn both survived last-second shots, and both schools are on their way to the Final Four. For the record, I had UConn losing in the Sweet 16, and Butler losing in the opening round. If VCU can shock Kansas, Sunday, we'll have a Butler-VCU semifinal. Absolutely incredible.

Speaking of incredible, Harrison Barnes has become the first freshman in NCAA history to score 20-plus points in his first three tournament games.

Why is the Domino's chicken guy so upset?

Sayers wanted to be a Hawk
 Gale Sayers was at the Bob Feller Museum, signing autographs for hundreds of Central Iowa sports fans. Sayers shared the story about how he wanted to become a Hawkeye. The Hall of Fame running back told us that he was all set to sign with Iowa, until he visited Iowa City. According to Sayers, Iowa head coach Jerry Burns didn't give him the time of day, so Sayers decided to go to Kansas. He's held a chip on his shoulder ever since.

The perfect combination
of light and dark
Any idea why some McDonald's don't have twist cones? I like the chocolate and the vanilla together, but a lot of places only have vanilla. Very frustrating.

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Atlanta Roofing said...

This time of year I just like to point out the inconsistencies from people who think a single elimination tourney is some supremely fair and balanced and perfect way of picking a “champion.” Especially when you consider teams are picked and more importantly seeded by a largely anonymous group who answer to no one and provide absolutely no reasoning to justify their actions. In this respect the BCS seems like an open book in comparison.